Obsessed With His Penis

What do you do when you walk in on your child playing with their private parts?  Do you scream: “What are you doing? Put that thing away!”  Or do you just walk out the room and try to erase that moment out of your mind?  Well in my case, I did neither.  I acted like it was normal, well as normal as a mom can be when she finds her three and a half year old playing with his penis.

The Don has the tendency to play with his penis any chance he gets: in his room, in the bathroom, in the TV room, standing around while he’s waiting for something or at the dinner table because he’s bored. He’s also obsessed with the size of his penis, “It’s small.  It’s big now!” I do feel like freaking out when he does these things but I don’t want him to be embarrassed about his penis as well.

So when he exposes himself, I tell him can with these rules in mind:

Do it in the privacy in your own room:  I tell The Don it’s ok to play with your penis as long as you play with it in the privacy in your own room.  One time, The Don was playing with his penis in his room while we were doing story time.  I told him to play with it in the privacy of your own room.  The Don responded, “But I’m in my own room.”  I had to clarify by saying, “Privacy, meaning that no one else in the room with you and you’re by yourself.” I think he got it.


Do not pull it out and expose your penis to everyone: I tell The Don to keep his penis in his pants because no one should see his penis but him. No one wants to see his penis and you don’t know if there are perverts out there who want to take advantage of you. So keep it in your pants!

I don’t want to embarrass The Don for doing something that is normal.  He is curious about how his penis works and it fascinated by it.  I guess boys obsess about the penises early.  The thing I want to teach him is to not be ashamed of his body part but to make sure he keeps it private.  No matter how weird out I am about what he is doing, I don’t want him to be weird out about it either.