18 Month Regression and Nap Time. I’m not liking you right now!

Bam Bam is usually a good sleeper.  He is easy to put down and about ten minutes of unwinding in his crib, he’s fast asleep.  Lately however, his nap patterns started to change.  I notice this change when Bam Bam was sixteen months.  He started to take longer to go to sleep at nap time.  Sometimes twenty minutes.  Sometimes forty five minutes.  There was a time where it took Bam Bam an hour to go to sleep for his nap. The eighteen month regression is not I’m looking forward to.  Bam Bam is seventeen months by the way.  I guess when regression happens, the average age is eighteen months, very misleading.

I remember The Don’s eighteen month regression.  His naps slowly faded away as I tried to keep this rambunctious boy busy in the winter time. He wouldn’t nap for two days then he would nap.  Then he wouldn’t sleep for three days, then nap.  It would go on like this until he was two and then the naps would be sporadic. It seems like The Don’s eighteen month regression wasn’t regression at all…just a warning that his naps were about to end.  I hope it’s different with Bam Bam.

Bam Bam pushing mama

It’s been day two of trying to put Bam Bam down for a nap.  He’s resisting big time.  He would jump in the crib, he would make noises, and he would throw his books and toys out of his crib in protest.  But its ok buddy, you don’t have to go to sleep but you will learn what quiet time is very quickly.  Bam Bam would learn that for the next hour that he will learn to: look at a book, play with a learning toy, or just lie in the bed and be quiet.  He will learn how to use his imagination for that hour and that he will be ok by himself.

I hope that Bam Bam’s eighteen months is actually a regression and not a warning that he’s naps will end soon.  If so, it might not be too bad since Bam Bam’s regression is happening in the spring and I can find something for him to do while this pass…if this passes. Please let it pass. I got through this before; I will get through this again.  I will win this…maybe.