The Invisible Dad

The hubby was on vacation this week.  Although it was nice that my husband was home, it’s was also like he wasn’t home well as far as the kids was concerned.  I don’t know if it’s because during the week their dad isn’t home and just come to me by instinct but the point is that dad is there too why the kids are still coming to me?  I know why…dad must be invisible.  Yeah, that must be it.

During the four day vacation, my husband was available to help out with the kids.  If The Don asks for something, he usually just says what he wants instead of addressing the person he wants to help him.  My husband thinks he’s clever because he would ask The Don, “Do you want Mommy or Daddy to get that or help you?”  Knowing darn well The Don will ask for me to get it, it seems like my husband like the superpower of being invisible.  Of course, The Don will say, “Mama, can I have or can you get this for me?”  Man, sometimes I wish had that superpower.

One incident was when I just putting down Bam Bam and was going back into the kitchen.  I saw my husband on his phone playing chess and then The Don comes out of the TV room and asked, “Can I have some gold fish please?”  I said to him, “What, your dad is right there.  Never mind I’ll get it.”  I’m not sure if The Don waited for me to get it for him or my husband told him to wait, it doesn’t excuse the fact that dad was there and The Don did not have to wait until I came back.

I think my family is too dependent on me to do things for them.  My kids act like they can’t ask their dad for anything even if I’m not there and would wait for me to do it for them. I know my husband acts like one of the kids, maybe that’s why they don’t ask him for help he he.  I’m going to teach my children that daddy is there to help them out too and they don’t have to wait for me.  My husband is benefiting of the ability of being invisible and to me that don’t benefit the kids because they may start to think that they can’t depend on dad for anything and they must come to mom to get things done.  From now on, I will tell my boys that if I’m not around and dad is to ask dad for help.   It’s good that the kids can see that they can depend on dad too.