About Me


I’m Vanessa and I’m a stay at home mother for the time being.  I gave birth to the most wonderful and handsome boys that I could image; The Don (Yup like Don Juan) aka my oldest, June 2011 and my youngest The Boss aka Bam Bam aka Bambino, November 2013. These are the names that I’ve given to my sons on this blog so you may see me use this names interchangeably just thought you should know so you won’t get confused as to whos who.  I married my co-worker sweetheart aka the husband January 2011.

The concept of this page was actually really simple.  I thought of the way doctors practice medicine and lawyers practice law and I had the idea of mother’s practicing motherhood.  I believe as mothers we practice everyday to make sure we make the right decisions for our children so they can grow up to become decent human beings.  There will be trial and error along the way, we may lose some battles and we may win some but the most important things are that we learn from our mistakes and victories and eventually become the mother that our children will need in the end. Experience is the best teacher than any book or article on the internet. Every child is different and eventually we have to raise our children by our standards and the child’s personality.

My blog shows that it’s ok to make mistakes, to yell at your kids, to get frustrated, to cry, to feel alone and to sometimes feel you’re not good enough.  My blog also show that it’s ok to have fun, to laugh (at your children and yourself), to be proud of yourself, and to be honest with yourself.  We as mothers are human beings not some indestructible and flawless being that can’t breakdown once in a while.  You’re doing a great job mom and all you can do is do your best.



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