A Thanksgiving At Home; Because Traveling Is Overrated.

Our household usually has Thanksgiving at my mother in laws house.  Although we’re literally right around the corner from her, it’s a hassle to get the kids and go over to her house.  We’re usually the first ones there and have to wait for the other family members to show up.  Once they show up, dinner usually doesn’t start until thirty minutes later and the event is usually two and a half to three hours.  After being ‘convinced’ to take some leftovers home, we walk back to our house, have to put the kids to bed, and then, we can relax and unwind.

This year was different.  My husband was in a bicycle crash which broke his wrist and hand and has suffered from a concussion. My mother in law had her Thanksgiving dinner early because she was going away on Thanksgiving with her friend.  My husband just got out of surgery five days prior.  We  weren’t going to my mother in laws dinner because my husband was still in pain. I was exhausted from taking care of the kids, taking care of my husband, and driving him to and from work.  We were offered to go to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, but my parents told us that my husband should rest and get better from his injuries.  So, we had our first Thanksgiving at home this year.

It really was a nice change to be at home on Thanksgiving. The kids can relax and watch TV, the hubby can relax and watch football in the comfort of his own home, and I, well, I cooked (I guess nothing changed there) but it felt really good to be home for the holiday to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. We didn’t have to tell the kids to get ready two to three times.  Didn’t have to deal with the crankiness of Bam Bam because he’s sleepy. Didn’t have to wait to eat because my inlaws were running late.  I have to say, it’s was great being at home.

My boys helped me mix the blueberry muffin mix.  Bam Bam mostly tried to eat the batter and The Don was very helpful putting the mixture in the muffin pans and help mix the batter for the pear cobbler.  The Don was happy that he can get a chance to make something to eat.

The Don Mixing

The Don Mixing Batter

These are the memories that we don’t get when we go out to eat with family; memories of cooking together, watching the game together, and being at home relaxing together.  It’s unfortunate that we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving because of my husband’s broken wrist and hand, however the memories that we get to share on this Thanksgiving are immeasurable.  Why would it have to take an accident to stay home with family on the holiday?  I believe once in a while, it’s good to be home with your immediate family for the holiday’s to make some memories of your own.  After all, when you’re ready to eat, you can eat.  When you’re ready to put the kids to bed, you can.  If you want to wear pajamas at the dinner table, you can.   

Although your extended family may be disappointed you couldn’t make it if your decided to stay at home this year, it’s good to build some new traditions and memories of the holidays of your own that you and your kids can remember for a lifetime.  Also it’s good to relax on the holidays because honestly, traveling for the holidays is overrated.


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