Potty Training: Dealing With Regression

I thought Bam Bam was doing so well going into his third month of potty training.  He’s peeing in the potty.  He’s pooping in the potty at least ninety percent of the time.  All seems well and then wham…he’s not going to the potty.  He’s not even mentioning that he has to go to the potty when usually he does.  He will come to me with a wet potty training pants or training pants filled with poop.  I thought that he was making progress…something’s amidst.  Some days I would have to fight with Bam Bam to use the potty.  Some days Bam Bam will hand me his diaper to tell me he wants his diaper again. Bam Bam was so proud to use his potty so what gives? I’ve found out that Bam Bam’s going through POTTY TRAINING REGRESSION!  DA DA DUM!

If your child is going through ‘potty training regression’ what do you do about it?  Do you back off?  I wouldn’t back off, especially if your child is making progress.  This is what I’ve learned about potty training regression that I hope will help you if or when your child regresses on the potty:

  1.  Find out what’s causing the regression:  You have to find out what’s causing it.  Could he/she be teething?  Could he/she going through a developmental stage?  Could the child just want to play and feels he/she doesn’t have time to go to the potty?  You just want to make sure it’s not an illness that’s causing the regression instead of thinking it’s something else.
  2. Stick with the potty training: If you find out it’s a regression of some sort, it’s best to go right through it.  I’m not suggesting ignoring the regression; recognize it, but still focus on potty training.  Bam Bam was going through a mix between his terrible two stage (yes, he hit his early) and his secondary molars coming in.  Although Bam Bam wasn’t in the mood to go potty, I still made him go potty.  Why shut down potty training when the regression may last a couple of days to a couple of weeks?
  3. Congratulated them when they go potty: Yes, you know they know how to go potty.  Your child knows they know how to go potty, but get excited when they do show them that you approve of them going in the potty.  Although your child may be going through ‘something’, they like to still please you and to know that their doing a good job.

Dealing with a child with any regression is frustrating because you want to see your child progressing and you think there’s something wrong when they don’t. It’s important to know that’s its normal for a child to regress, but it doesn’t mean you should stop.  It’s good to show your child that you want them to progress even through they regress.  Bam Bam regression last for about a week and now he’s going to the potty as normal…but more vocal to if he has to go to the potty or not.  He’s been accurate in telling me nine out of ten times if he really has to go or not.  He’s learning his body fast and if I backed off him when he regressed, I don’t know how much I could of delayed his progress.

Potty training regression is the worst but you’ll make it through.  Keep. On. Potty. Training!


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