Potty Training Bam Bam- Phase 2-Scheduling Potty Breaks

About a month ago, I’ve started to potty train my now twenty month old son.  So far, Bam Bam been doing good.  For the past month, I’ve been putting him in potty training pants and sensitizing him to feel the pee on his skin really works. If you haven’t read Phase 1 Potty Training: Sensitizing, please read it…it’s very helpful.  
Bam Bam starts to get really uncomfortable with wet potty training pants and started to sense himself peeing on himself to the point where he points to his penis under his pants to signal that he went pee pee. This is the point of sensitizing your child, to feel the uncomfortable feeling of warm, wet pee against their skin.   Successful sensitizing from disposable diapers to potty training pants is important in order to be successful in potty training because if the child don’t sense that they have to go potty, then there’s not reason to use the potty. Poop is a little harder to catch, but I’ll explain how you can help your child to poop in the potty in another post. 
Happy to use the potty
What started as 8-10 training pants a day, within a month, Bam Bam is down to 4-6 a day…Not counting any wet diapers from being out and about, nap time, or nighttime.  
Since I know that Bam Bam knows when he goes pee pee on himself and understand what the potty is used for, it’s time for Phase 2-Scheduling Potty Breaks.  By this time, I know how long he can hold his pee (about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how much he has to drink).  I’ve scheduled a routine for Bam Bam to go potty.  It goes something like this:
  • As soon as he wakes up in the morning,
  • After breakfast
  • When we leave the house
  • When we come back to the house
  • After lunch
  • Before Nap
  • After Nap
  • Before Dinner
  • After Dinner
  • Before Bed
So about ten times a day, I take him to the potty whether he goes or not.  This helps him get into a routine of the important times to go to the bathroom.  Of course, if I know he has to go in between those points, I’ll take him to the potty.  Remember this is potty training so once they get older you won’t have to remind them to go at certain time because they’ll be able tell you and to hold their potty needs until they can get to the bathroom.  I’ve even taken him to the bathroom when I go to Target or any place that have a bathroom the minute I get there to help train him to go to the potty at public places.
You should see the diaper pale less often and that’s a great feeling especially money wise. Also, your child should start understanding what the potty is used for and to express that they went potty or about to go potty by pointing to their privates or saying “pee pee’ if they went on themselves. Expect that there are still going to be accidents.  Just like learning to crawl, walk, or remembering the alphabet, it’s going to take practice and repetition in order for them to get it right. Be happy when they go to the potty and when they don’t, just stress the importance of going to the potty next time.
Hopefully in the next month or two, Bam Bam will be ready for Phase 3.

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