Motherhood Gave Me Super Human Powers I Didn’t Know I Had

Growing up, I always wanted super human powers.  The superpower that I wanted was the ability to fly…soaring up high in the air, feeling the wind surrounding my body, suspended freely in the sky, cruising through clouds and freaking people out when they see me fly next to them in airplanes as I wave “hello”.  The last part was a joke but I really wish I had the ability to fly.
Being a mother however gave me super human powers (some I like, some I don’t like). I discover I had this powers some days after my first born was born and it seem like my superpowers have heighten with the second child. These are the super human powers that I noticed at this stage of my children’s life (they are almost four and a year and a half respectfully, just in case you’re wondering) and I may development more super human powers (or lose them) as they get older.  I really think these Super Human characters came to me and blessed (or cursed) me with their abilities when it comes to raising my kids, they are:
Invisible Man:  I know what you’re thinking, “Your children can’t see you.  What an awesome power.  I wish I had that.”  I wish it was that simple.   No, I’m not invisible to the children (although I wish I was when both of them are having their tantrums at the same time), it’s metaphorical at best.  You see, when I ask the children to do or not to do something, they act like they can’t see or hear me.  Pretty much, the kids completely ignore me.  I think to myself, “They can’t see me.  I’m must not be standing in the room telling them to pick up their toys for the third time.”  I have to check myself to see if I’m really there.  When this happens, the power of heighten audio sensory (raising my voice which isn’t a superpower at all it just comes naturally) where I magically appear before them and they do as I say.

Spider Man: I think spidey sense was one of the superpowers that are given to mothers since pregnancy.  I don’t know why, but my spidey sense tingles…a lot.  Some days more than others and once your know your children’s personality and habits, the more your spidey sense starts tingling.  I can sense when my older son is about to jump off the arm of the couch.  I can sense when my youngest son is about to go up the stairs by himself.  I can sense when it’s too quiet when the boys are together because they’re up to something.  I also can tell if something’s wrong, when they are not happy, or when they are sick.  Spidey Sense is like an alarm that is going off in my head that is good for the most part, but sometimes it can cause a false alarm and spring into action when the infraction isn’t a serious one.  Am I jumpy much? Sure I am.
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The Flash: You know I never knew how fast I was until I had children.  The lightening speed moves that I have with the kids are incredible.  You should see when I run as I chase to catch my toddler in the park who happens to find a gate on the tennis court that leads to the driveway of the park as I save him from unsuspecting cars that might be driving through.  You should see me when my oldest knock his cup over and I’m there to catch it before it hits the ground.  You should see me chase my oldest when he’s running away from me because he doesn’t want to leave where he is at.  You should see how fast I run when I see my toddler about to fall off the couch because he’s standing and bouncing on it. This superpower usually works when the kids about to do something dangerous or stupid but when I need to catch a bus, well let’s just say my flash abilities disappear like a bolt of lightening.
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The Hulk: I’m not sure if anger is a superpower but sometimes when I get mad, I feel like I’m gaining muscle and turning green.  The Hulk power doesn’t come out unless all other options have been use to get the kids to listen to me.  The scene usually goes like this for my oldest, “If I have to tell you not to jump off the couch one more time, I’m turning the TV off.” The youngest haven’t had the opportunity to experience she-hulk yet but he doesn’t like when she come out and gets upset when the TV goes off.  But if my youngest is doing something like banging his toy on something causing a nuisance, then he gets a little bit of she hulk by a stern “No” and toy taken away.  When she hulk appears, the kids know that they are in trouble and mom isn’t turning back into nice mom until they behave.
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Cat Woman: This superpower coincides with spidey sense.  When the kids are being too quiet or there’s a lot of whining and shouting, I sense something up (Spidey sense).  So, I creep up to where they are ever so quietly and stand at the door or hallway or wherever they are, stand there and watch them.  Sometimes it’s nothing but most of the time there doing something they’re not suppose to.  Sometimes I say, “Hey, what’s going on here?”  Usually, the kids are surprised that I was standing there and my oldest would say, “Hey mama.  What are you doing there?”  Also, the cat woman ability to creep in their bedroom to put something like there favorite toys, a drink of water, or if I wanted to tuck them in without waking them is perfect.  Like a cat, you have to step careful around toys on the floor and get out of their rooms quickly and quietly as possible without waking them.  Although, if I step on a toy, usually this happens with my youngest, he would stir and I would have to stand still and cover my phone flashlight hoping my stillness would put him back to sleep.  It usually works. I love this super power the most!
Hercules: Have you ever sling carried an almost thirty pound toddler while pulling your almost forty pound preschooler out of the store while he drags he feet because they both are having a temper tantrum at the same time without breaking a sweat?  Or lifting, pulling, and or carrying a double stroller that weights more than your toddler like it was easy?  It’s amazing what super strength mothers develop that we didn’t know we had.  With The Hercules power however, it comes only when I need to carry the children or some heavy object that is for the children.  What happens to this power when I need to open a pasta sauce jar?  I would be struggling for like five minute until the jar finally opened. Thanks for the super strength!

Although I like most of the super human powers that was bestowed to me, one of them I can do without.  Invisible man, take this power away from me.  If I can’t use it when it’s beneficial to me, what good is it?  What super human powers do you have, gain or lost while raising your kids? 

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