I’m Big Enough!

Bam Bam is an year and a half but he thinks he’s three years old.  I don’t know if it’s because he wants to do what The Don does or if it’s being the youngest where people says to them, “You’re not big enough,  You can’t do what The Don does”, but what ever the reason, it makes Bam Bam want to do things big kids do.

Bam Bam is fearless to say the least.   He would try anything that we thinks he can’t do.  He would climb up the big bar curvy ladder at the park.  He would want to swing on the big kid swings.  He would want to climb up to the big kid slides.  He even wants to ride a bike like The Don.  He would want to ride the scooter. We actually got Bam Bam a little balance bike so he wouldn’t feel left out.  Bam Bam doesn’t like to feel left out. Of course if he does try, I don’t discourage him but if I know it’s dangers for his physical statue, I don’t let him.  When I don’t, I can get an earful of protest from Bam Bam.

Bam Bam Big Boy Collage

It’s inspiring to see my little guy being so bold to try things but sometimes it can be scary…for me.  I’m always worried that he may get hurt.  With The Don, I don’t remember being so scared for him to try things, I mostly pushed him to do things that I thought he couldn’t do. Why the nervousness with Bam Bam?  Bam Bam let’s me know time and time again that he is big enough to do things, I just have to let go and let him grow…rven if he’s too small to do so.


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