The Don Can Ride a Bike…Thanks Balance Bike.

I would like to take the time to thank the balance bike, The Don learned to ride a bike.  I am so proud of him!

The Don started riding with the training wheels.  He was riding and pedaling very well…too well.  The Don was so use to riding with the training wheels that I think he thought that’s the way riding a bike should ride like.

The Don with training wheels

My husband starts to notice other kids around The Don’s age not using training wheels, especially this two and a half or three years old little boy pumping his little legs down the trail that he felt The Don should ride without training wheels.  It’s amazing how we see other kids and we want our kid to do the same thing because somehow we think our kid is equal or better than the other kid.One day, my husband took off the training wheels and try to help The Don balance the bike.  The Don was frighten and kept putting his feet down to stop and was scared to use his brakes.  This experience had him frustrated and wanted his training wheels back on.  The training wheels made The Don depend on them and didn’t teach him to balance.

I remember talking to a couple of mother’s in the parks who kids had these “balancing bikes” and thought it was cool but I notice that it didn’t have any pedals.  The mothers were saying that it helps them balance.  The child can run and lift their feet and ride.  So I looked up balance bike on You Tube and came across How to ride of bike-How to ride a balance bike showed a two and a half year old boy riding a balance bike.  I had The Don watch the video so he can see how easy it was to learn to balance a bike.

The Don balancing his bike

I had my husband take off the pedals and The Don started to learn to balance his bike.  Over a three week period, The Don started to gain confidence and started to glide without the training wheels. He learned to steer and focus as he rode the bike.  As of last Sunday, The Don knows how to ride a bike!

The Don riding his bike!

It’s amazing when I talk to other parents that they wasn’t aware or never heard of a balance bike.  Training wheels are good for pedaling but as for balance, I wouldn’t recommend it because the kid would have to learn how to balance all over again.  So from this day forward, I a pro balance bike and would like to tell every parent who wants their child to learn to ride a bike to get a balance bike.  If you get training wheels, take them off and take off the pedals and let your child learn how to balance first.  It will save time and frustration for you and your child.


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