Doing Something Nice for Daddy

Sometimes I take being a stay at home mother for granted.  I may complain about how my kids get on my nervous and how I would like a break to have time for myself.  For my husband however, who sees them for about two hours when he gets home and on the weekends, would love to see the kids more often and if it’s up to him, he would be a stay at home dad than go to work everyday.  I send my husband pictures of the kids and video of our playground adventures that somehow my husband feels left out on the fun.

My husband mentions a nearby park walking distance from his job where I can take the kids on his lunch break.  I think my husband was trying to hint at the fact that he wants to play with the kids at the playground during the weekday also. During the winter, it was too cold to coming down to see my husband so when the spring weather came around, I took the opportunity to do something nice for my husband.

Yesterday, I told my husband that I wanted to bring the kids down to the park.  I know he has to close the books so I let him let me know if we can come down. I figure it was a nice day and it would be nice for my husband to have fun with the kids and get out of the office. My husband texted me about three hours later saying that I could bring the kids down.

The Don was climbing the Spiderman rope ladder while Bam Bam was asleep in the stroller when I seen my husband coming down the side of the park, the smile that came on his face was priceless.  My husband was happy to get away from the office for those mere thirty minutes to play with the kids enjoying what would be a typical day would be for me.  I think he enjoyed himself with his boys.

My husband, The Don, and Bam Bam

Where I’m at the point where I can’t wait to get back to work, my husband wants a chance to get out of work.  I need to count my blessings to have the opportunity to stay home with the kids because when I do go back to work, I probably be longing for days where I’m free to play with my boys and dreading the days in an office.



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