Motherhood Gave Me Super Human Powers I Didn’t Know I Had

Growing up, I always wanted super human powers.  The superpower that I wanted was the ability to fly…soaring up high in the air, feeling the wind surrounding my body, suspended freely in the sky, cruising through clouds and freaking people out when they see me fly next to them in airplanes as I wave “hello”.  The last part was a joke but I really wish I had the ability to fly.
Being a mother however gave me super human powers (some I like, some I don’t like). I discover I had this powers some days after my first born was born and it seem like my superpowers have heighten with the second child. These are the super human powers that I noticed at this stage of my children’s life (they are almost four and a year and a half respectfully, just in case you’re wondering) and I may development more super human powers (or lose them) as they get older.  I really think these Super Human characters came to me and blessed (or cursed) me with their abilities when it comes to raising my kids, they are:
Invisible Man:  I know what you’re thinking, “Your children can’t see you.  What an awesome power.  I wish I had that.”  I wish it was that simple.   No, I’m not invisible to the children (although I wish I was when both of them are having their tantrums at the same time), it’s metaphorical at best.  You see, when I ask the children to do or not to do something, they act like they can’t see or hear me.  Pretty much, the kids completely ignore me.  I think to myself, “They can’t see me.  I’m must not be standing in the room telling them to pick up their toys for the third time.”  I have to check myself to see if I’m really there.  When this happens, the power of heighten audio sensory (raising my voice which isn’t a superpower at all it just comes naturally) where I magically appear before them and they do as I say.

Spider Man: I think spidey sense was one of the superpowers that are given to mothers since pregnancy.  I don’t know why, but my spidey sense tingles…a lot.  Some days more than others and once your know your children’s personality and habits, the more your spidey sense starts tingling.  I can sense when my older son is about to jump off the arm of the couch.  I can sense when my youngest son is about to go up the stairs by himself.  I can sense when it’s too quiet when the boys are together because they’re up to something.  I also can tell if something’s wrong, when they are not happy, or when they are sick.  Spidey Sense is like an alarm that is going off in my head that is good for the most part, but sometimes it can cause a false alarm and spring into action when the infraction isn’t a serious one.  Am I jumpy much? Sure I am.
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The Flash: You know I never knew how fast I was until I had children.  The lightening speed moves that I have with the kids are incredible.  You should see when I run as I chase to catch my toddler in the park who happens to find a gate on the tennis court that leads to the driveway of the park as I save him from unsuspecting cars that might be driving through.  You should see me when my oldest knock his cup over and I’m there to catch it before it hits the ground.  You should see me chase my oldest when he’s running away from me because he doesn’t want to leave where he is at.  You should see how fast I run when I see my toddler about to fall off the couch because he’s standing and bouncing on it. This superpower usually works when the kids about to do something dangerous or stupid but when I need to catch a bus, well let’s just say my flash abilities disappear like a bolt of lightening.
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The Hulk: I’m not sure if anger is a superpower but sometimes when I get mad, I feel like I’m gaining muscle and turning green.  The Hulk power doesn’t come out unless all other options have been use to get the kids to listen to me.  The scene usually goes like this for my oldest, “If I have to tell you not to jump off the couch one more time, I’m turning the TV off.” The youngest haven’t had the opportunity to experience she-hulk yet but he doesn’t like when she come out and gets upset when the TV goes off.  But if my youngest is doing something like banging his toy on something causing a nuisance, then he gets a little bit of she hulk by a stern “No” and toy taken away.  When she hulk appears, the kids know that they are in trouble and mom isn’t turning back into nice mom until they behave.
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Cat Woman: This superpower coincides with spidey sense.  When the kids are being too quiet or there’s a lot of whining and shouting, I sense something up (Spidey sense).  So, I creep up to where they are ever so quietly and stand at the door or hallway or wherever they are, stand there and watch them.  Sometimes it’s nothing but most of the time there doing something they’re not suppose to.  Sometimes I say, “Hey, what’s going on here?”  Usually, the kids are surprised that I was standing there and my oldest would say, “Hey mama.  What are you doing there?”  Also, the cat woman ability to creep in their bedroom to put something like there favorite toys, a drink of water, or if I wanted to tuck them in without waking them is perfect.  Like a cat, you have to step careful around toys on the floor and get out of their rooms quickly and quietly as possible without waking them.  Although, if I step on a toy, usually this happens with my youngest, he would stir and I would have to stand still and cover my phone flashlight hoping my stillness would put him back to sleep.  It usually works. I love this super power the most!
Hercules: Have you ever sling carried an almost thirty pound toddler while pulling your almost forty pound preschooler out of the store while he drags he feet because they both are having a temper tantrum at the same time without breaking a sweat?  Or lifting, pulling, and or carrying a double stroller that weights more than your toddler like it was easy?  It’s amazing what super strength mothers develop that we didn’t know we had.  With The Hercules power however, it comes only when I need to carry the children or some heavy object that is for the children.  What happens to this power when I need to open a pasta sauce jar?  I would be struggling for like five minute until the jar finally opened. Thanks for the super strength!

Although I like most of the super human powers that was bestowed to me, one of them I can do without.  Invisible man, take this power away from me.  If I can’t use it when it’s beneficial to me, what good is it?  What super human powers do you have, gain or lost while raising your kids? 

I’m Big Enough!

Bam Bam is an year and a half but he thinks he’s three years old.  I don’t know if it’s because he wants to do what The Don does or if it’s being the youngest where people says to them, “You’re not big enough,  You can’t do what The Don does”, but what ever the reason, it makes Bam Bam want to do things big kids do.

Bam Bam is fearless to say the least.   He would try anything that we thinks he can’t do.  He would climb up the big bar curvy ladder at the park.  He would want to swing on the big kid swings.  He would want to climb up to the big kid slides.  He even wants to ride a bike like The Don.  He would want to ride the scooter. We actually got Bam Bam a little balance bike so he wouldn’t feel left out.  Bam Bam doesn’t like to feel left out. Of course if he does try, I don’t discourage him but if I know it’s dangers for his physical statue, I don’t let him.  When I don’t, I can get an earful of protest from Bam Bam.

Bam Bam Big Boy Collage

It’s inspiring to see my little guy being so bold to try things but sometimes it can be scary…for me.  I’m always worried that he may get hurt.  With The Don, I don’t remember being so scared for him to try things, I mostly pushed him to do things that I thought he couldn’t do. Why the nervousness with Bam Bam?  Bam Bam let’s me know time and time again that he is big enough to do things, I just have to let go and let him grow…rven if he’s too small to do so.

The Don Can Ride a Bike…Thanks Balance Bike.

I would like to take the time to thank the balance bike, The Don learned to ride a bike.  I am so proud of him!

The Don started riding with the training wheels.  He was riding and pedaling very well…too well.  The Don was so use to riding with the training wheels that I think he thought that’s the way riding a bike should ride like.

The Don with training wheels

My husband starts to notice other kids around The Don’s age not using training wheels, especially this two and a half or three years old little boy pumping his little legs down the trail that he felt The Don should ride without training wheels.  It’s amazing how we see other kids and we want our kid to do the same thing because somehow we think our kid is equal or better than the other kid.One day, my husband took off the training wheels and try to help The Don balance the bike.  The Don was frighten and kept putting his feet down to stop and was scared to use his brakes.  This experience had him frustrated and wanted his training wheels back on.  The training wheels made The Don depend on them and didn’t teach him to balance.

I remember talking to a couple of mother’s in the parks who kids had these “balancing bikes” and thought it was cool but I notice that it didn’t have any pedals.  The mothers were saying that it helps them balance.  The child can run and lift their feet and ride.  So I looked up balance bike on You Tube and came across How to ride of bike-How to ride a balance bike showed a two and a half year old boy riding a balance bike.  I had The Don watch the video so he can see how easy it was to learn to balance a bike.

The Don balancing his bike

I had my husband take off the pedals and The Don started to learn to balance his bike.  Over a three week period, The Don started to gain confidence and started to glide without the training wheels. He learned to steer and focus as he rode the bike.  As of last Sunday, The Don knows how to ride a bike!

The Don riding his bike!

It’s amazing when I talk to other parents that they wasn’t aware or never heard of a balance bike.  Training wheels are good for pedaling but as for balance, I wouldn’t recommend it because the kid would have to learn how to balance all over again.  So from this day forward, I a pro balance bike and would like to tell every parent who wants their child to learn to ride a bike to get a balance bike.  If you get training wheels, take them off and take off the pedals and let your child learn how to balance first.  It will save time and frustration for you and your child.

Everyone Doesn’t Have to Share

I’m trying to teach The Don about sharing and taking turns with Bam Bam.  Bam Bam is starting to share his toys if he wants The Don to play with them because The Don shares with him.  When we somewhere where there’s a community toy chest, I tell The Don to share especially if the kid is younger than he is.  It’s like being the big brother of the play ground but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

The Don will be four next month and already he’s becoming bossy.  Although I’m teaching him to share, sometimes he doesn’t want to.  I would have to intervene when it comes to kids younger than him and speak up for the kid who doesn’t know how to say, “Can I play too?”  In that situation, I’ll have The Don ask the kid, “Would you like to play with me?”  This also teaches him to share.  If we bring a ball or toys with us at the park of playground and other kids what to play, I encourage The Don to share and tell them that they will give it back especially if he’s not playing with the ball or toy. You see, The Don, like every kid his age, thinks that if he sees a toy no matter where it is, it’s his.  I tell him that if a toy isn’t yours, you need to ask the kid if you can play with the toy.  Usually when he ask, the kid let’s him play with his toy and I make sure that The Don gives it back and says “Thank you” afterwards.  However, today at the park, The Don encountered a kid who didn’t want to share.

There where three girls and a boy on the sliding board sliding down mini toy cars down the slide.  The Don saw this and wanted to play with the cars.  He doesn’t know who cars there were because he was at the bottom of the slide and seeing them come down the way they did, it didn’t seem like anyone had any claim to them.  The Don started picking up the cars and started playing with them.  I was with Bam Bam up top of the slide.  I had Bam Bam slide down and I slid down and told The Don to ask if it was ok to play with the toys.  The older girl must have slid down before playing with the cars too and I told The Don to ask her if he could play with the cars. She said yes and her mom let him play.  There was a boy maybe a year younger than The Don came to where The Don was playing with the cars and was trying to take the cars back up to the slide again.  The Don was trying to trade him one car and trying to keep the rest (The Don had four and Bam Bam had two).  The boy tried to take the cars again and The Don acted like he didn’t want to give them up so I told him that he couldn’t play with them.  I explain to him that the kids were nice enough to let him play with the cars but not to take over them and if they want it back it’s their right because it’s theirs.

The Don asks me can he play with the cars again.  So I asked the older girl who looked about five and asked if the boy was her brother.  It wasn’t just a kid at the park she was playing with but the cars are his.  So I told The Don if he wants to play with the cars to ask the boy.  The Don asked him to play with the cars and the boy said, “NO.”  The disappointment on The Don’s face was hurtful to me but I explained to him that it’s ok because it’s his cars and he doesn’t have to share and told him to play somewhere else.  Honestly, I couldn’t blame the little boy because if The Don wouldn’t give back his cars before, why risk having him play with his cars again and fighting to try and get it back? 

The Don learned a value lesson today, “Everyone Doesn’t Have to Share with You.”  The Don might think that if he shares with other kids, they should share with him.  It’s a lesson that not everyone will treat you the same as you would treat them. The Don could grow up to be the most caring and giving person in the world, but don’t expect that other people would be as caring and giving as he is.  Because in reality, it’s not reality.  I tell The Don that people have the right to feel what they feel and to not take it personally.  I tell him to move on and do something else.  I guess if The Don doesn’t want someone playing with his toys that he didn’t know or comfort with, he shouldn’t let them play either.  This is one lesson he learned and was shocked by the response.  Don’t worry my son; there will be plenty more to come.

Doing Something Nice for Daddy

Sometimes I take being a stay at home mother for granted.  I may complain about how my kids get on my nervous and how I would like a break to have time for myself.  For my husband however, who sees them for about two hours when he gets home and on the weekends, would love to see the kids more often and if it’s up to him, he would be a stay at home dad than go to work everyday.  I send my husband pictures of the kids and video of our playground adventures that somehow my husband feels left out on the fun.

My husband mentions a nearby park walking distance from his job where I can take the kids on his lunch break.  I think my husband was trying to hint at the fact that he wants to play with the kids at the playground during the weekday also. During the winter, it was too cold to coming down to see my husband so when the spring weather came around, I took the opportunity to do something nice for my husband.

Yesterday, I told my husband that I wanted to bring the kids down to the park.  I know he has to close the books so I let him let me know if we can come down. I figure it was a nice day and it would be nice for my husband to have fun with the kids and get out of the office. My husband texted me about three hours later saying that I could bring the kids down.

The Don was climbing the Spiderman rope ladder while Bam Bam was asleep in the stroller when I seen my husband coming down the side of the park, the smile that came on his face was priceless.  My husband was happy to get away from the office for those mere thirty minutes to play with the kids enjoying what would be a typical day would be for me.  I think he enjoyed himself with his boys.

My husband, The Don, and Bam Bam

Where I’m at the point where I can’t wait to get back to work, my husband wants a chance to get out of work.  I need to count my blessings to have the opportunity to stay home with the kids because when I do go back to work, I probably be longing for days where I’m free to play with my boys and dreading the days in an office.