Too Big For Little Swing

The Don is growing up so fast.  Ever since he was born he was always taller than the other boys in his age group.  People usually think that The Don is a year older than he is because of his height.  Even though he is taller and some what bigger that most of the kids his age, he’s still a three and a half year old at heart and no one can tell him otherwise until yesterday.

Let’s go back a couple of days before.  I knew The Don was getting too big for the small baby/toddler swings.  I have seen some three year olds that can still fit those swings but The Don refuse to believe that he can’t despite that he is very heavy to lift in the swing, he fits tightly in the swing and getting him out is a pain in the ass because his big feet gets caught in the legging.  On this day he was on the baby swing and it was time to get him out.  It was hard because of his long lanky body, I couldn’t effectively get him out of the swing.  He tends not to bend his knees and I’m pulling him out then it happened.  His heavy bottom press on the tilted swing and the swing spilt on that side.

Split Seat on Baby Swing

I didn’t think he could split the swing seat but he did.  Although the seat could have split because of wear and tear of the swing seat, it didn’t help that The Don is too heavy and tall to be in it.  The problem was convincing The Don that he was too big for the swing because Bam Bam can use the swing.  He was upset that he couldn’t swing on the small swings that he thought that maybe the other three swings that he could fit but I told him that they are the same and he couldn’t fit. 

The next day, The Don wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t too big for the swing so he wanted to try again.  I thought that the split swing seat could have been wear and tear so we tried again.  Although the seat didn’t split, the problem of lifting a thirty eight pounder and getting him in and out was a pain so I had to put my foot down and told him he can not get in those swings anymore.  I told him those swings are for babies and little kids and he’s a big kid now.  He was upset again.  I told him it’s a good thing that he’s too big for the swings because that mean he’s growing up and he can do things big kids do.  I also told him that there are things that you are too small for that Bam Bam can do and there thing that Bam Bam will be too big to do that you can do. I had to convince The Don swing Bam Bam and then showed him how to do the big kid swings.  The Don feet can’t touch the ground; I would push him and told him how to swing his legs so he can eventually swing himself.


Now when we go pass the little kid swings, The Don says, “Those swings are for babies.  I can’t swing on those swings because I’m a big kid.”  He’s starting to like the big kid swings and a sense of pride I’m starting to see when he realize that he’s growing up and embracing it.

The Don on Big Kid Swing


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