Walking On The Grass

Ever since The Don was able to walk, he always liked to walk on the grass.  I don’t know what attract him to walk on the grass but when I tell him not to walk on the grass; he would try to walk on the grass anyway.  I try to explain to him that you shouldn’t walk on the grass because you might step in dog poop. Stepping in poop is disgusting.  It’s mushy under your feet, hard to clean, and if you’re not careful, you can tract poop into the house spreading the smell and bacteria.  When The Don seem so persist in walking on the grass, I would let him and show him to be careful not to step in poop.  As The Don grew, he learned how to walk on the sidewalk and rarely ask to walk on the grass.

Bam Bam now wants to walk on the grass and I still get uneasy because he might step in poop.  I have to watch Bam Bam to make sure he doesn’t step in anything. I am teaching him to walk on the sidewalk where I was taught to walk, where I taught The Don how to walk.  On the sidewalk, it’s not only the proper way to walk, you can see if there’s something in your way like poop and you can move to avoid it.  The concrete walkway is safe, no dirt, and no mess.  Everyone walks on the sidewalk and you shouldn’t walk on the grass because you don’t know if there’s poop in it or not.  Sometimes poop is hard to see in the grass. At least on the concrete pavement you can know what’s there. 

One day at our usual indoor play spot, Bam Bam decided to pull me over to the grassy area.  The Don asked, “Can we walk on the grass mama?”  I fought with this notion for about a minute. “What harm would it do if they walk on the grass?”   So we walked on the grass.  The interesting part is that it’s shorter to reach the indoor play spot’s door than taking the concrete path.  The kids enjoyed walking on the grass and I kind of loosen up a little because there wasn’t anything on the grass that I could see that can be harmful or landfill of poop lying around.  The Don says, “Watch out for poopy.”  I said, “Yes, watch out for poopy.”

Image from Bing.com

There is a time to be proper and walk on the concrete sidewalk and there are times that you have to walk on the grass. Sometimes walking on the concrete won’t get you anywhere especially if the person in front of you is walking too slowly.  If you want to get ahead and take risk in life, you have to walk on the grass.  Yes, you may have to deal with poop on the way but if you happen to walk on poop so what.  Just clean off your shoe and keep going and watch out for it next time. 

Life isn’t always straight and narrow as the concrete walkway portrays. Sometimes the concrete sidewalk has cracks and are uneven and in order not to break your neck, you have to walk on the grass. The thing I would like my kids to learn is its ok to walk on the grass.  The grass can be fun, a quicker path, or a temporary route you need to take to get back on the concrete sidewalk if they choose.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that you can’t walk on any grass like grass on someone’s property or a forbidden area and you have to walk on the concrete.  I want my children to learn when to walk on the concrete walkway and when to walk on the grass. In other words, don’t be afraid of the shit that might happen in the grass because the concrete walkway isn’t always the right routine to go. I want them to learn to think for themselves and take risk when necessary.  

So whenever I can, I encourage my children to walk on the grass and help them understand that they don’t have to go the way everyone else goes.  As long as their getting where they need to go in life, it’s ok to go a different route…just be careful not to step in poop.  


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