9 Ways Pregnancy Prepares A Woman For Motherhood

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had an epiphany.  I realized that being pregnant was preparing me for the physical, mentally, and the emotional roller coaster that I will have to endure in motherhood for the rest of my life.  Let me explain.  Pregnancy can be a beautiful and wonderful experience.  It can also be tiring, painful, and downright unpleasant just like motherhood.  So, these are my 9 observations on how pregnancy prepares a woman for motherhood:

1.         The Worrying-When you find out that you’re pregnant, worry sets in:

 “I hope the baby is healthy.”

 “I hope the baby doesn’t have my eczema.”

“I hope the baby doesn’t have my husband’s nose.” 

Either way, you mind starts to worry about your unborn child but it doesn’t end there.  After the baby is born you tend to worry more: 

“Is the baby eating enough?”

“How come he didn’t poop today?” 

“She feels a little warm. Should I go to the hospital?”  

“My child can’t keep still.  I wonder if he has ADD.” 

Worrying about your child doesn’t stop there either.  Even when your child is forty years old, you will worry about your child for the rest of your life and it starts with pregnancy.

2.         The Pain-When you’re pregnant, you start to have pain. Some pains are aches and some are felt to the bone. Pain from cramping during the first trimester as your uterus grows to pains in the third trimester when your back is hurting from carrying a seven to eight pound butter ball.  Pain from the baby’s head pressing against a nerve in your spine and no matter what you do, the baby won’t move. Did I forget to mention the excruciating pain from giving birth?  It doesn’t stop there. Children can bring you pain too.  They can be a pain in your ass and they have a knack of getting on your nerves! From talking back to you to not listen to you because they think they’re right, children can be a pain in your ass and it started at pregnancy.

3.         Getting up to go to the bathroom-Remember when you had to go to the bathroom every hour or two? Well, this just prepares you for what’s to come after pregnancy because every hour or so you have to get up and feed the baby and change the baby.  Then five minutes later they need to be changed again because this time they peed and pooped. Thank goodness that this stage usually happens in the first couple of years of diapers and doesn’t last forever.  But the getting up doesn’t stop there.  In the middle of the night you have to get up to check on them if they’re sick or getting up in the middle of the night because heck you’re paranoid and you just have to “check” on them.  From time to time we check up on our kids; whether to see if they got home safely or calling them to see if they are ok when they are out of the house. Checking on your kids never ends.

4.         When things are fine-In the second trimester when everything seems fine and the pregnancy is going smoothly, you’re the happiest, confident, glowing human being on the face of the planet. It’s the same after the pregnancy.  There are days when your child is the best and can do no wrong.  There are days when they are smarter than you thought.  There are days where motherhood seems to flow like an even stream.  It goes so well that it feels like a dream.  You couldn’t be any happier…for you and your kids.  These are the days when being a mother is the greatest feeling of all.

5.         Emotional-During pregnancy, you tend to get emotional. You are emotional because your husband didn’t get you the right ice cream.  You’re emotional because things didn’t go your way.  Emotional because your body is changing in ways you never imagine.  Being emotional doesn’t stop at pregnancy.  You’re emotional when your baby reaches a milestone, or when they cry in pain from a needle or hurt themselves when they fall.  You’re emotional when they graduate from school or emotional when they have their first heartbreak.  Being emotional towards your children never ends.

6.         Sleeplessness –Did you get much sleep in the third trimester?  You’re lucky if you did, but most of us didn’t.  If you’re belly was really big and you couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep in, then you probably had some sleepless nights. There’s a saying when you have kids that you would never sleep again. I wouldn’t say that, but for the most part at least at the beginning, you will have sleepless nights; Refer to observation 1 and 3.

7.         Patience-Patience is the one thing you have to be while pregnant.  You have to wait nine long months and some old hours of labor to meet your baby.  Patience doesn’t end at pregnancy.  You have to have patience when teaching your baby how to roll over, crawl, walk, and talk. You have to be patient when they’re learning how to dress themselves or when they are taking their sweet time finishing their dinner because they don’t want to go to bed. You have to be patient in teaching them how to throw a ball or to ride a bike.  Sometimes you want to say “hurry up and do it already!” But you can’t because they have to learn in their own time.  Patience is learned early and you didn’t know it.

8.         Eating right-During pregnancy, you have to be concerned that you are eating right? You can’t eat junk food because you don’t want a fat unhealthy baby. Now you have to make sure that your child is eating healthy and the person you were before; who would drink soda everyday and stuff their face with donuts any chance they get are now watching what your child eat even when they are grown.  Wanting your children to eat right doesn’t stop at pregnancy.  

9.         Protecting/Sacrificing-When your baby is in your womb your body is protecting your baby and providing a warm home to grow in.  As your baby gets bigger in the womb, you would shield your baby from anyone who may accidentally bump your belly or want to touch your bump without permission.  You would do anything to protect your baby and would sacrifice your perky breasts and firm body to do it.  It doesn’t stop there.  You would do what it takes to protect your children and would bring out mama bear if you have to.  You would protect them from the cold, the heat, physical or mental harm.  You sacrifice your time, energy, and sleep to make sure your children get what they need and it starts at pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a great teacher of what to expect when becoming a mother. I say pregnancy taught me about motherhood before having my kids and I didn’t even know it.

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