Last Snowfall…Hopefully

Just when I was getting use to the warmer temperatures in Philly, BAM, snowfall again.  If you read about the sledding incident or my thoughts on snow in general, I don’t like it very much.  It’s cold, messy, mushy, and dirty.  Not a fan of snow.

Bam Bam not liking the snow

So my husband mentions  to The Don that maybe after breakfast he can go outside and play in the snow.  Thanks hubby for throwing me under the bus again.  If I don’t go outside with The Don, then I look like the bad guy who ruin the fun.  I don’t like to be the bad guy no matter if I hate the task or not.  I had to put on my big girl panties on and take the kids out in the snow.

We went out in the backyard which didn’t seem like a bad idea because if there’s a meltdown with one or both of the boys, I can take them right in the house instead of dealing with stares and driving with crying and screaming kids in the car while I try to drown out the noise by turning the radio up super loud.  I try to make fun in the snow by showing The Don how to make a snow ball and throwing snowballs to hit the tree.  It seem like it was fun for The Don to make snowballs and even Bam Bam was trying to throw some.  With Bam Bam, I expected him to meltdown like he usually do because the cold snow doesn’t mix well with him.

We haven’t built a snowman this winter so I decide to do a mini snowman which was actually fun. Then it happened.  Bam Bam started to meltdown while in the middle of the second mini snowman.  So we had to cut the snow adventure short.  The Don was disappointment because he couldn’t stay out longer.  I had to explain that Bam Bam couldn’t tolerate the cold and snow like we could and when he’s a little older, he can enjoy the snow too. I feel bad for The Don because he wants to stay and play and his play time is timed by whether Bam Bam is going through a meltdown or not.  I would like both of them to have fun.

Bye Bye Snow…Hopefully.

I just hope this is the last of the snow.  I can’t stay I will miss you.  Bring on the warm weather so both the boys can go out and play.

My Mini Snowman

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