I’m Going To Have To Separate You Two!

I never thought I would have to say those words…well not so soon.  One of the reasons that we had a second child is so The Don could have a playmate.  Lately however, The Don and Bam Bam, although both of them are like night and day, have the same silly qualities which pretty much make them inseparable.  The Boys laugh at the same things, scream at the same things, run after the same things, and they love to copy each other even if it’s loud and annoying.  The thing that boggles my is when Bam Bam do something that is unacceptable and then The Don does it and you’re trying to stop both of them and nothing works what do you do?  I have to separate them two.

Yeah, this has been a phenomenon of epic portions.  This usually happens at the dinner table while I’m cooking dinner.  It would happen so suddenly.  The kids would be looking a YouTube educational video and all of a sudden if The Don see something that he like in the video, he would get excited and would scream…loudly.  I would tell The Don to stop.  Then Bam Bam would jump with his own scream.  It would be a be like their battling to see who can scream the loudest all the while I’m telling them both to be quiet.  Telling the boys to be quiet don’t always work the way that I would want it to.  After about a couple minutes of the scream and non stopping, I have to separate time them two.  I would tell The Don to go into the TV room and keep them separate until the screaming stop.

This reminds me when in school when kids act up or they talked to each other too much, the teacher would separate them two by moving them to different desk way across the room.  I guess I could look at the bright side; it shows that they like each other and they have fun together.  What could a mother ask for?

Dynamite Duo


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