Wait Your Turn!

You know, it seems like The Don has become relatively rude lately.  When I’m on the phone with someone, he would rudely interrupt me by saying, “Mama, Mama, Mom!”  Other times, if Bam Bam is holding my attention or trying to get my attention, The Don would cling on me or try pushing Bam Bam away before he gets to me.  The biggest thing that I notice is when the hubby and I are having a conversation and The Don would call out ,”Mama” or he would try to out talk his father or he would tell us to be quiet or his favorite line, “No talking!”  This kid is pushing his boundaries.

I could use reason or “excuses” as to why he’s behaving this way:  he could be bored, he could be lacking attention, he could have excess energy and need to get it out, he could be going throw some type of development stage and eventually he’ll get over it.  Whether these excuses are true or not, there is no reason to accept rudeness from him…from anyone.

I think the problem is that he’s thinks that everyone should stop what they are doing and tend to his wants…but to him he think it’s a need.  So, I think the solution is to teach The Don to wait, preferably to wait his turn.  When he interrupts me on the phone, I tell him to say excuse and then ask his request.  If  it’s not important, then he needs to wait.  If he’s being rude because of attention reasons, I will them him that it’s rude to interrupt someone and he has to wait.  As far as being clingy or pushing pass his little brother to take attention away from him, I don’t let him and tell him it’s not right and he has to wait his turn.  Finally, when he knows that mommy and daddy are having a conversation to wait until we are finish talking or say “excuse me”.  Even then, we don’t allow him to interrupt us every time because he’ll start to think that  he can do that all the time and that’s not what we want to teach him. We are the adult and he is the child, he has no right to interrupt us when we’re talking unless it’s a need.

The Don has to realize that rudeness is unacceptable and if he need something, he has to ask respectfully and wait for the response. In order words, he has to learn to wait his turn.   


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