Leave One To Save The Other

Today, I went sledding with the kids.  Although my mind told me not to go by myself with two small children, being in the house with a bored three and a half year old and a cranky fourteen month old had me running for the outdoors quick. 

It wasn’t the expected snowfall that was predicted in Philadelphia (suppose to be eight to twelve inches but only got five inches), it was snowy enough to go sledding.  We went to a hill where my husband uses to go to when he was little because he told me how great it was. While we were there, I saw how great it was and how steep the hill was.  There wasn’t a way to stop the sled unless you use your hands and or legs and I didn’t know what was down below the hill.  So I decided to sled on the end of the hill so The Don and I won’t slide down to the “Unknown” part of the hill.

The Don Sledding downhill

At first, The Don tried the long shed which slid down enough but then the grooves at the bottom didn’t coast enough or it wasn’t enough snow to glide.  I told The Don to use the bowl sled; you know the ones that look like a big bowl.  I had gone down the hill with Bam Bam with it and it was pretty cool. 

The Don laid face down in the bowl and started to glide down.  He was doing well until the sled starting to go to the “Unknown” place.  I shouted to him, “use your hands and feet to stop, use your hands and feet to stop!”  I saw The Don gripping the bowl as it curved into the unknown place and then I saw The Don disappear .  I didn’t know if there was a cliff beyond that he fell into or did the hill keep going, all I knew is that my son disappeared and I need to go save him. 

I started to go down the hill literally dragging Bam Bam with me.  Another mother came to me and offered to hold Bam Bam while I go get The Don.  I had one of those moments, “Give my child to this strange lady so I can save my other son or risk The Don falling over a cliff or being trapped below and holding on to dear life.”  So I gave my son to the lady, hoping she wouldn’t run off with him, as I ran down the slope to see if The don was alright.

There was a mother and two daughters down where The Don was and she helped The Don up from a trench.  I asked her, “Was he ok” in a panicky voice.  She said he was a little shaken up but fine. The unknown was a frozen creek at the bottom of the hill.  Thank God he ran into a trench because if that wasn’t there, The Don would have fallen in.  I thank her and asked was there any other place safer for us to sled.  She said no. 

As I went back up the hill with The Don, one of the fathers asked, “Are you ok mom?” I said yes and the father laughed and said that The Don probably wanted to go down there again.  He was right, he did.  I met up with the mom who was holding Bam Bam and I thanked her.  She was nice and realized that I was going to drag Bam Bam down with me and wanted to help.  She said, “What do you do when one kid is in trouble and you have your other one with you?”  That was a good question. “What would I have done?”  Imagining if no one else was out there and if The Don was in serious trouble and I had Bam Bam with me, what would I do?”  I guess I would have done what I did today; leave one to save the other especially if I knew that the other one wouldn’t be in danger.

The interesting part is that the other parents didn’t seem worried about the creek below besides me.  Maybe their children sled down there and was fine; maybe the creek wasn’t deep but I’m glad that there are people who where nice enough to look out for you.  I was lucky today. It could have been worse.

If it was you, what would you do?


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