The Power Of The Word "Mama"

Do you remember when your children were babies and you couldn’t wait for you child to say the most magical word in the universe?  Yes, the word is mama or mom depending on your preference.  I really enjoyed when my kids call me mama.  Maybe because they really didn’t know how powerful that word is in relations to what they really wanted.  When children say “mama” it’s more of term of endearment that’s makes your say, “Awww, he called me mama” as you gush with joy.

However, there comes a day when your kids know how to use this magical word “mama” against you in a way that can be painfully loud, whinny, screaming or just down right annoying. One slight pitch difference in the word mama can be a cause of concern or can drive you crazy.

The Don would use the word “mama or mom” repeatedly because apparently, I must be hard of hearing.  Here’s an example dialogue:

 Scene: I’m changing Bam Bam and The Don wants me to help him put on his robe:

 “Mama! Mama!”


“Can you help me put on my robe?”

“Wait a minute I’m changing Bam Bam. You try first then I’ll help you. 

The Don will try then calls me again:

“Mama.  Mama.  I can’t.  Mama! Help me.  Mama! Mama! MAMA! “

I swear he thinks I can’t hear him.

The Don yelling Mama

The Don scenario two
Scene: I’m preparing dinner

“MAMA!  Mama!”


“I need some water mama!”

“That’s not how you ask.  How do you ask?”

“Mama, can I have some water please?”

“Thank you.  Give me a minute and I’ll get your cup and give you some water.”

The Don goes back into the TV room. Twenty seconds later:

“Mama! Mama!  Water mama!”


Bam Bam is catching on to how to use the word mama to his advantage:

Scene One:  The Don and Bam Bam are playing in the other room while I’m in the next room listening:

The Don: No don’t do that.  Give it to me.

Heard a bump then Bam Bam cries:

“Mama! Mama!”

I run into the room to see The Don has a ball that Bam Bam wants to play with. Bam Bam comes to me so I can comfort him.


Usually Bam Bam has the ball first and The Don takes it from him to play with it or wants Bam Bam to play with him. 

Bam Bam’s in Trouble

Bam Bam scene two:

“Mama! Mama!

“Yes, Bam Bam.”

“Mama! Mama!”

“Yes, Bam Bam.”


Yes, Bam Bam calls out mama just because.

Here the ultimate annoyance:  When they both calls out mama about the same time like it’s a choir song.  It doesn’t matter who says mama first its sounds like a song:

Bam Bam: Mama!

The Don: Mama!

Bam Bam Mama!

The Don: Mama!

The tempo can change to a happy “Mama” to a sad “Mama” depending if one of the kids are crying or not. 

I use to love when my kids call me mama. Now when they call mama repeatedly, I have to tell them that I can hear them you don’t need to shout. Getting bombarded with the word mama can sometimes drive me nuts. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, spinning around and around as my kids constantly call for mama.  There’s got to be another word they can use like chocolate instead of mama so it won’t sound so bad.  Can you imagine?

“Chocolate! Chocolate!” 

Ah that’s better.  My kids can say chocolate when they want or need something.  Leave the word mama as the sweet term of endearment that it was meant to be.  


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