Run, Stop, Drop, and Drag.

The Don development a new technique when he doesn’t want to leave somewhere or do something; I call it the Run, Stop, Drop, and then I drag also know as the drag you by your arms and or legs temper tantrum.  Let me explain. If The Don is having too much fun and I tell him we have to leave, he’ll tell me, “No, I don’t want to leave.”  Depending on the proximity of The Don, I usually have to run after him because I’m about to make him leave.  When I come closer to him and take his hand or arm, he stops and then drops his butt on the floor. The Don would say, “I don’t want to leave! Let me go!  I don’t want to leave!” with whining accompanying his yelling. I whine up dragging him out of wherever we are telling him to hush up and say to him, “I told you we were leaving.  Now put on you coat.”

Yesterday was one of those full body run, stop, drop, and drag moments.  The Don and my hubby were playing with the guitars while I finished bathing Bam Bam.  I ran the bath water for The Don as I was dressing Bam Bam.  I came out of Bam Bam’s room with Bam Bam in tote when The Don asked to ride his bike.  My husband said “No.” 

“I want to ride my bike! I want to ride my bike!”  The Don demanded.  I told The Don, that’s ok because it’s time to take your bath anyway. 

As my husband was putting the guitars away so he can mind Bam Bam while I help The Don bath, The Don had a full blown tantrum and chasing my husband in the hallway where he was putting the guitars away saying, “I want to play with the guitars!  I want to play the guitars!  Nooooooooo!”  

I came after him saying, “It’s time for your bath.” 

“I don’t want a bath! I want to play with the guitar!” 

So I grabbed his arm and he did a full fledge body drop.  You would of think trying to drag a thirty six pound kids is heavy but let me tell you it is so I didn’t try.  I told him to “get up and walk.  You’re taking your bath.  After the tantrum, he took his bath.

This reminds me of times before kids when I saw a kid being dragged out of stores.  Now I understand completely.  This is my one fear of being in a crowded store and The Don having a nuclear temper tantrum that can’t be controlled. I can see why it’s called the terrible threes and I have another five months of this.  But I’m not looking forward to year four either.  I see kids at four years old and it doesn’t get any better behavioral wise.   


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