Big Kid Now

Last Saturday I went to Target to get some groceries and a pair of jeans for The Don.  It’s so convenient to shop for groceries and clothes in the same place, what more could a girl ask for right? 

So I went to the toddler section where the boy’s pants are.  I looked at the size pants, 2T, 3T; 4T…where’s the 5T’s?  If my mind serves me correctly, I thought I went to the toddler section to get a 5T sweat pants for The Don just a few months ago but now the 5T size pants was nowhere to be found. ‘Could they be in the ‘big kid’ section?  No they couldn’t be.’  I must of searched the toddler section for another ten minutes, looking at the same sections probably three times trying to comb through the toddler pants to see if I must of missed the 5T size pants; any pants.  But I couldn’t find them. 

I hesitantly went over to the big kid section to see if the 5T pants where over there.  To my surprise, the 5T jeans, sweat pants, kakis, and dress pants are at the big kid section of the store.  I swore that I seen the 5T pants in the toddler section.  Am I in the twilight zone? 

I picked up the jeans and looked at the price.  Damn, they seem more expense than I remembered too. I put the pants in the cart and looked around the big kid section and seeing the bigger size pants, coats, shirts and sweaters and I saw The Don as a teenager for a quick moment.  Imagining him in those bigger clothes make me realize that he would be a man soon enough although at this moment, it’s doesn’t seem that way. 

The Don looks grown to me 😦

I knew that this day would come that I would be shopping for all of The Don’s clothes in the Big Kid Section but I thought I had at least another six months to do so.  I’ve already get his underwear, socks, undershirts, and shirts in the big kids section so it was inevitable that I will get his pants there as well.  Mind you he’s only three and a half years old and is taller than the kids his age.  He’s definitely a big kid now.


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