Super Bad!

Bam Bam is becoming one little cocky character.  Oops, did I say cocky, I meant confident, no I meant cocky.  My sweet little Bam Bam has become one of “those” toddlers.  Vanessa, what do you mean by one of those toddlers?  Well, I mean the screaming temper tantrums toddler. The “you can’t catch me” running away from you toddler when you chase their naked butts down the hallway when you’re trying to get them dressed. Finally, the I’m invincible toddler that thinks he has super powers and climb on anything and everything because let’s face it; their mini ninjas. 

I like to call the toddler stage the “Super Bad” stage.  Figuratively and literally they are super bad.  It’s like they do things that we consider to be bad but you can’t really punish them for being bad if you know what I mean.  We can distract them by giving them a toy to play with or moving them out of the general area where they being naughty but in the end, they whine up doing the same thing we told them not to do.

Bam Bam climbing to get to the fridge (Bad)

Toddler’s are Super Bad in a good way because their not afraid of going against the grain and doing their own thing.  Toddlers are not afraid of trying new things or dangerous things. They are fearless.  Even if they get hurt, they won’t remember it a few minutes later and would continue to conquer whatever they were doing.  There is nothing that toddlers can not do and when you think they can not do it, they surprise you when they can.  Bam Bam proves me wrong a lot.  When I think he’s too small for something, he shows me that he’s not.

Bam Bam pushing The Don’s Big Wheel (Good)

I tell you, toddlers are Super Bad and Bam Bam is one of them.


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