Cleaning Up The Mess

Sometimes I don’t understand The Don lately.  One minute, he’s sweet, lovable, and cooperative then the next he’s defiant, mean, evil little being I’ve ever seen.  Harsh, I know, but it’s feels that way.  The Don is very smart and sneaky.  The Don knows if he does something wrong that he will get in trouble for it but yet, something inside him makes him want to do it anyway.  When he was a toddler, I told my husband that he reminds me of Bart Simpson.  Oh I wish I didn’t say those words to the universe because today he was Bart Simpson and I could see why Homer would try to strangle him when Bart made him angry.

The Stair Well looking up


This morning, I was giving Bam Bam his bath. As I walked back to Bam Bam room to get him dressed, I saw The Don tossing a piece of tissue paper over the stair railing.  I told him not to throw anything over the railing and if I catch him throwing things off the railing one more time, I would make him go all the way downstairs to pick it up and put it away.  I didn’t think anything of it because I thought it was one piece of tissue paper and that was it.  I continued my day by giving The Don his bath and while he bathed, I entertain Bam Bam. 

Around noon it was lunch time.  I stood in front of Bam Bam facing him so I can catch him just in case he fall because he’s learning to walk down the stairs. As I was spotting Bam Bam,  I looked over the railing to find multiple pieces of torn paper, a couple of toys, and a couple of socks was on the first floor floor.  The Don was coming from his room getting ready to walk down the stairs when I said, “You threw this stuff over the railing now you will have to go down, pick up every toy and sock up and you will swept up the pieces of paper too.”  The Don went downstairs and started picking up the things he threw over the railing.  “Don’t just pick up one thing. You have two hands pick up two.” 

A couple of minutes later, Bam Bam finished walking down the stairs and I put him in his high chair.  I heard The Don say, “I’m done.” 

“You’re not done.  You have to sweep up the pieces of paper.” 

I gave The Don the broom while I held the dust pan.  I was trying to show The Don how to use the broom when The Don said, “Let go! Let go! I can do it.” 

So I told him to sweep the pieces of paper into a pile.  The Don wasn’t sweeping it into a pile.  He was holding the broom with one hand and spreading it all over.

“Are you listening to me?”  I have to admit.  I was pissed off and I really tired to control my temper.  So I snatched the broom from his hand and pulled him to me to show him the proper way to sweep. 

“Give me the broom.  I want to sweep!” 

“Do you know how to sweep?  No.  Then I have to show you.” 

I told him to hold the broom with both hands and press down on the broom so the bristles press on the floor then sweep.  After a couple of times, The Don learned to sweep the floor.


The Don Sweeping

“It hurts.”  The Don said as he swept the floor.  I guess he didn’t realize how hard it is to sweep a floor if you never really swept the floor before.

“Well, you’ll know next time if you decide to throw things over the railing that you know it will hurt to sweep it up.”

I think for now, The Don learn that if he makes a mess that he will clean it up.  He also learns that mama meant what she says so he better think twice before he pulls a Bart Simpson again. 


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