He Needed Mama Today

Toddlerhood is an age where you see the true innocence of the child emerges.  You can see the wonder, amazement, and the adventure that your toddler is experiencing and the small steps they are taking towards independence…literately small steps.  You also notice that your toddler doesn’t need you as much as he use to and it’s great and scary at the same time for the both of you.

Bam Bam on the move

When Bam Bam reached toddlerhood about a month and a half ago, I saw that my little baby was leaving and a toddler was striving forward. He didn’t want anyone to get in his way.  I was prepared to let go as I had with The Don at that age and knew that the inevitable would come; the part of Bam Bam not needing me as much.  For starters, he weaned about three months earlier than The Don (The Don was sixteen months; Bam Bam was a little over a week ago at thirteen months). Bam Bam doesn’t want to be carried too much, he doesn’t want to wait to climb the bars in the park or slide down the slides, he wants to be stronger than everyone else and would try to pick up heavy things and do things himself.  Maybe he feels he has to be stronger emotionally and physical not only to keep up with his big brother but according to him, he’s behind and he needs to catch up despite his physical and emotional development.

Toddlerhood also comes with mood swings and temper tantrums and the child becomes one angry little monster.  Sometimes they even become very indecisive.  One minute they need you to do something and the next they do a “Sike Naw” on you and make you wonder “Ok”.  Bam Bam would come to me with his hands out like he wants me to pick him up.  As soon as I pick him up, he cries and wiggles for me to put him down.  Being a parent to a toddler is a push and pull relationship. 

Yesterday morning however, my little pint size tough guy turned into the fuzzy little baby he once was.  Bam Bam’s first molars are starting to come in and he was moody most of the morning.  I gave him some infant Advil to see if it would work.  It worked but the little guy was still a little fuzzy.  I took him upstairs to get ready for his nap.  I usually would play with him and tickle him before he’s put into the bed and left to fall asleep.  However, I didn’t just put him down.  I put his stack blanket on him, pick him up and started to twist my waist to rock him to sleep.  I know some doctors may feel that I should have left him but my instincts told me otherwise.  As I rocked Bam Bam, a calmness came over me and him. He didn’t fight me to get down so he could play.  He laid his head on my shoulders and the rocking motion sent him to sleep.   I guess he needed his mama today.

Bam Bam sleeping on mama 🙂

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