The Christmas tree

This pasted Saturday, The Don, hubby, and I decorated the Christmas tree.  I’m glad that The Don is at the age where he can appreciate this holiday tradition without breaking too many ornaments.  The Don said to me on that day, “We’re putting the tree up today.”  At this age, children tend to repeat the same sentence over and over again until they get what they want.  I said to him, “Yes, we’re putting up the tree day.”  In Christmas past, The Don would be amazed at the lights, flickering and flashing


not really understanding the beauty of the Christmas holiday. Since then, with the help of television, The Don is excited to decorated the tree.

The Don at the tree

The Don help hold the Christmas tree lights for the hubby so he can put them around the tree.  The Don also throw tinsel on the tree and helped me put up some ornaments.  He broke a couple of ornament because he was being a three year old pushing and banging them together but I think the tree came out pretty good.
About forty five minutes later, Bam Bam woke up from his nap.  When Bam Bam seen the Christmas tree lighted up, Bam Bam immediately walked over to see the pretty lights and of course, to pull down some ornaments.  The amazement in Bam Bam’s eyes as he gazed up at the Christmas tree for the first time was a beautiful thing to see.  It doesn’t take much to make him happy.

The Don and Bam Bam

As my three men laid under the Christmas tree, it’s makes me feel lucky to have them.  It makes me happy to see my husband being a good father to his sons. I love to see the innocence and wonder in my children’s eyes. My family is all the present I need.

Hubby, Bam Bam, and The Don

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