Early Morning Awakening

The Don has been waking up really early in the morning around four o’clock for about two months now.  This past week, we decided it was time The Don used the big boy potty so I wouldn’t have to clean the little potty in his room.  Combining these two situations is causing disruption in the quietness in the middle of the night because The Don is playing in the hallway instead of his bedroom.

The purpose of The Don’s door being cracked is to have him to easily open his bedroom door to get to the bathroom and then come back in his room.  For the past few days, The Don decides to take his early in the morning play time into the hallway.  Or he would open the door more and loudly play in his room; I guess he wanted the whole house to know that he was awake and we should be awake too.  I would speak through the monitor telling him to go to the potty, come back in his room, and then close the door and play quietly until I come down to get him.  I remember this past Saturday, I went downstairs around five thirty in the morning to tell him to go to the potty, showed him to come back in his room, and to tuck himself in and go back to sleep.  I even turned the light off manually so he wouldn’t be tempted to get out of bed; The Don got back up an hour later anyway.

This past Sunday, I woke up around four forty-five to go to the bathroom when I hear The Don waking up.  After I was done in the bathroom, I came back to the bedroom to watch what he was doing through the monitor.  He was rocking back and forth on his legs as if he had to go to the bathroom.  So I spoke through the monitor, “Go potty.”  The Don went potty.  He came back in his room jumping loudly leaving the door open. I spoke again, “Please close the door and play quietly. It’s still dark and mama’s trying to sleep.  I’ll come and get you later.”  This lasted for about a half an hour.  I was finally drifting off to sleep when I heard banging in the hallway.  The Don was banging his toy hammer in the hallway.  I couldn’t see if he was banging the wall or floor but it was annoying.  I spoke through the monitor, “Come back in your room and close the door. Mama’s trying to sleep.”  The Don said, “Mama, wake up.”  Nevertheless, I went back to sleep. 

It was quiet for about an hour then The Don started crying.  I thought that the crying could be that he was hungry.  He didn’t eat much the night before and his stomach might be growling.  I finally got up about seven fifty, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  I came downstairs and walking towards his bedroom.  The Don came to his bedroom door and said, “Mama will go and get it.” 

The Don’s Heating Vent (fixed)

“Mama will get what?” 

“Mama will get it.”

“Get what?”

“The key.”  The Don was walking towards his wall where the heat vent was attached to it.  The vent was partially off the wall. I turned to the door where he got the key from and it was missing.  It was the key to the door that was left open so he could go to the potty.  I tired not to get dramatic when I said, “You threw the key in there”because it sounds like I’m damning him but it still came out that way anyway.  I corrected myself and said, “Why did you throw the key in the heat vent?” 

He couldn’t answer but he said, “Mama will fix it.” 

“Mama doesn’t know how to fix it.  The vent is pulled out half way and mama doesn’t want to make it worse.  We’ll tell daddy and he’ll fix it.”

Needless to say that my husband was not happy about The Don half way tearing out the wall vent and warned him not to do it again. 

I don’t know what to do about The Don getting up so early in the morning.  I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t need that much sleep or he’s having bad dreams and wouldn’t go back to sleep or he’s afraid of the dark period.  I understand that I have to teach him that when he wakes up to tuck himself back to sleep but until I find out what’s causing him to wake up, all I can do is to see if he’ll go back to sleep.  Asking him why he gets up early really doesn’t help because either he wouldn’t say anything or he’ll repeat what I’m asking him.  I don’t want him to be destructive of his room because he is bored.  I want to feel that he is safe in his room without him doing something he shouldn’t and might get hurt in the process.  I’m just going to take it day by day and hopefully whatever troubling The Don will manifest itself to me so I can get a good night sleep.


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