Potty Removal

It’s been long overdue.  We have decided to removal the small potty out of The Don’s room.  I was hesitating to take it out of his room because of the thought of him roaming around the house without supervision is a little disturbing.  But, I wasn’t too worried about that because The Don is afraid of the dark and won’t travel outside his bedroom door alone.  However, last Saturday sealed the deal for me.

Before The Don would take his nap, I make sure that he goes to the potty so he doesn’t have to go in the little potty in his room.  I tell you it’s a pain to clean especially if The Don pooped in it.  I’ve asked The Don did he go pee and poopy.  The Don said, “I went pee.  No poop.”  So I assume that he didn’t have to poop.  So, I sent him upstairs to do some quiet time.  Sometimes The Don would stay awake for the full quiet time, which is about two hours, or sometimes he would fall asleep.  This day, he fell asleep.

About a couple hours later, I woke Bam Bam up from his nap because I didn’t want him to sleep too long and then I got The Don.  I’ve smell a familiar smell as soon as I opened the door.  I immediately put Bam Bam down, and called The Don to wake up.  Then I proceeded to the potty and you’ve guess it, a heap of poop in the potty.  I was upset with The Don for not going to the big potty as I requested before he went upstairs but realized maybe he didn’t have to go at the time. With this in mind, my husband and I decided it was time that The Don uses the big boy potty from now on.

We’ve explained to The Don that the little potty would be used by Bam Bam when he’s ready to use the potty and he has to use the big boy potty.  We told him that his bedroom door will be cracked and the night light will be on in the bathroom if he has to go potty in the middle of the night.  The Don seemed fine with it. For the passed couple of days, The Don is doing well with going to the big boy potty but if he hears one of us upstairs, he would open the door and shout for us.  I think the next thing we need to teach The Don is patience to stay in his room until my husband or I call for him.

I’m very proud of The Don making strides to impendence.  My baby is growing up.


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