What color is Daddy?

I was told that children don’t see color; people teach children about color.  Well, who ever said that never met The Don.  I understand that children see people as people and judgments based on a person’s character by the color of their skin is taught but to say that children do not see color is farthest from the truth. Children see color very well.

My Family

Here’s the back story of my family if you’re not familiar with my blog.  I am African American and my husband is Caucasian.  We have two sons; The Don (who looks more African American) and my youngest Bam Bam (who looks more Caucasian).  The Don is a very smart child.  He noticed that the members of his family are different not only by sex but by skin color.  I didn’t realize how much he noticed until yesterday night when The Don came into my writing room to say goodnight.

The Don came into my writing room followed by my husband.  The Don asked to sit on my lap so he can give me a hug and kiss goodnight.  As I was hugging and giving The Don kisses goodnight, my husband asked The Don, “What color is daddy?”

“Daddy is white,” The Don giggles.

I looked at my husband and said, “Did you tell him you are white?”

“No,” my husband said shaking his head. 

“What color are you?”

“Brown.” My husband said he said black at first but told him to look at his skin and he saw his skin was brown.

“What color is mama?” 

“Mama’s Black.”

“What color is Bam Bam?”


My husband decided to test to see what color he knows in our extended family.

“What color is grandmamma?”

“Grandmamma is white.”

“What color is grandma” (My mother)


“What color is Uncle Dan?”

“Uncle Dan is white.”

I decided to ask, “What color is grand pop?”

“Grand pop is black.”

Then my husband said, “What color is Elmo?”

“Elmo’s red.”

Then I asked, “What color is the cookie monster?”

“He’s blue.”

This just blew my mind.  He was never taught about skin color yet he understood who in our family was black, who was white, and who was brown.   The beautiful thing about his observation of his family is that there was no evidence of hate or superiority towards any family member because of the difference in skin color.  He’s innocence is beautiful.  I wish we all had that indifference when it comes to people; to see people as people first instead of skin color first.  Knowing that skin color exist but it’s irrelevant because as long as the person is a good person that matter’s more that their physical characteristic.  I hope The Don will still feel this way as he gets older even if there are people in the world who will just see him as a black boy and nothing more.  I hope he still will have the innocence to forgive them.


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