America’s Next Top Family Portrait

Before I had kids, I use to look at America’s Next Top Model and wish I could be one of those models.  I love the poses, the onsite locations, and to see the best shots of each contestant.  As I look at the best shot photos, I thought how hard could it be to pose and stand still to get a great shot right? Why did it take hundreds of shots to say, “This is your best shot?” The shot is usually not the most spectacular photo and I thought to myself, “Is this the best shot that they could find?”

I imagine if there was an America’s Next Top Family Portrait, where families get to pose with their children in a contest to photograph the best Family Portrait.  I wonder what that competition would be like.  It’s hard enough getting the kids dressed for photos and to keep their clothes clean, it’s hard to keep them still and focus on the camera without squirming, or making faces to get the “perfect photo.”  It’s hard even when you’re not going to a professional studio; just taking a photo of your family can be frustrating.

I was trying to get a photo of The Don, Bam Bam, and I to try to update my icon for Google but it didn’t go as well as I hoped for.  I had to deal with Bam Bam squirming, trying to reach my phone, and crying because he wanted to get down.  The Don was making funny faces and monopolizing the camera.  I was try to orchestrate the picture the best I could without being pushed out the way by The Don or punched in the chin by Bam Bam.  The results were as follows:

The photo shoot (A few photo shots)

I can imagine the panel with Tara Banks saying to me here is your best shot:

The Best Shot



I can imagine the criticism that the panel would give from the lighting to the pose that I decided to choose. Thank goodness that this wasn’t a real competition because unless the kids were asleep, it’s very hard to get a perfect photo with the kids. Maybe I can get a better picture next time. 

If there was America’s Next Top Family Portrait we would be gone in the first round but I had fun taking the pictures with the kids.   There’s never a perfect picture I think but a perfect in the moment picture and that’s good enough for me. I just have to get a picture with them asleep then it would be perfect. 


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