The War Has Just Begun! Hungry Games Part III

If you knew me, you would know that I like a challenge.  Sometimes I look for one because life can get boring.  However, to succumb to a challenge every night at dinner time can be exhausting; pain staking exhausting.  I wrote about how The Don was playing the “hungergames” at dinner time.  I wrote about how my husband initiated a game of imitation to get The Don to eat.  As I mention to my husband before, it won’t last.  I’ve asked him “How long are you going to get this up with him waiting for you to eat in order for him to eat?”  I recall my husband said, “As long as it’s working,” well about two months after The Don turned three years old, that game got old really quick.

There are some days that The Don would refuse to eat anything.  There are other times that he would eat if my husband or I made him eat.  There are times when we try to negotiate e.g. “If you eat just three bits of food then you can be excused,” at least I know he ate something.  Some how, The Don is coming up with bigger and brighter schemes to get out of eating dinner.  I’m not the type who would make The Don eat, to me he wouldn’t starve himself so if he doesn’t want to eat, let him go hungry for the night.  It seems like the pass two months he refuses, I mean adamant about not eating dinner.  Damn is my cooking that bad?

I did notice that before he sat down to the table, The Don would automatically ask for water.  As so as I give him some water, he doesn’t want to eat because you’ve guess it, he’s filled up with water.  So, I started not to give him any water until he ate some food.  My husband and I saw that this was working because if The Don wanted the water bad enough, he would eat the food to get it.  This worked for about a month.  Then, he would ask for the water again but this time, he would sit there and not touch anything.  He was persistent in wanting the water.  So I would tell him, “If you give me five bites of food, then you can have some water.”  The Don would hesitantly, eat whatever dinner was then would drink a sip (I make sure it’s a sip) of water.  This didn’t last long because since he got the water, he didn’t eat anything else.  I would send him upstairs if he was done.  He’s not allowed to play if he doesn’t eat but me sending him to his room where is toys are didn’t solve the problem of him eating his dinner.  For the past couple of weeks, he would say that he was tired and wanted to sleep or he wasn’t hungry but yet a few minutes ago, he was awake watching TV.  Hmmmm.  So this is the excuse that he is using now that’s he’s tired and not hungry.

At tonight’s dinner, The Don used the “I’m sleepy, I want to sleep” routine but he wanted water.  I made him eat a few bites of food first then gave him some water because he did look sleepy or was he acting?  Anyway, he laid his head on the table portraying that he was sleepy.  At this time, he looked at Bam Bam and told him, “Don’t drink all your water.  Make sure you’re eating your food.”

“Don’t worry about what Bam Bam is eating. He’s eating his food. Unless you going to eat don’t talk and lay your head down and be quiet.  You’re sleepy right? If you want to talk, you have to eat.” 

Every time The Don popped up his head from the table, I told him to lay it back down until everyone was finished eating.  I told him that if you don’t eat, you’ll get it for breakfast in the morning. We’ll see if this strategy will work.

So I told The Don to go upstairs to say good night to daddy, brush his teeth and go to bed.  The Don tried to be playful but I was stern and told him that since you’re tired, it’s time for bed.  I wasn’t playing with him.  If he keeps claiming he’s tired at dinner time, he doesn’t get the chance to play.

 I feel this eating dinner challenge is going to be a long battle.  When I thought that I won the war, I realize the battle has just begun. 


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