He’s In The Room

The Don is very smart.  Although sometimes he act like he’s unaware of what’s going on and what is being said to him, he knows exactly what’s going on and what is being said to him.  I think he plays possum a lot.  This little prankster knows more that I think he does.  I have to be careful not to talk about anyone unless I want them to know what was said.  I have to be careful not to use cuss words or any other derogatory words around him because he sure will repeat it. I definitely have to be careful talking about him to anyone even if I think what he is doing or saying is totally inexcusable because ‘he’s in the room.’

Mischievous The Don

When The Don was a baby, I could talk about him what he does good and what he does bad to anyone who would listen and I know that he doesn’t understand what I’m saying.  Now, the almost three and a half year old understands quite a lot.  You know when somebody’s talking about you like you’re not in the room?  Yes, same thing that I do with The Don.  I have to remember that what I’m saying about him even if its earshot, he understands. For example, “He’s drive me crazy.”  “Why isn’t he listening?” “Is that smell coming from him?” I have to be careful of talking about him and talk to him when he’s in the room.  It’s a hard thing to do when you’re so use to him not understanding you.  This goes for cussing as well.

Last Tuesday, I went to Target with the boys.  The Don likes to stand in the front of the shopping cart.  The Don wanted me to push the cart faster.  I told him that I couldn’t because my feet were bothering me.  About two minutes later as I was pushing the cart slowly, The Don blurted out “Come on ASSHOLE.”  I looked at him so fast that I thought I was going to break my neck.  I said to him, “What did you just say to mama?”  The Don looked away silently.  Some people may say that when a child does something to provoke a response you should ignore them.  I’m not that parent.  I told him, “We do not say that word.  Do you understand?”  I need to thank my husband for saying asshole when he’s driving.  I’m sure he heard it from him.

The Don is a sponge, a very absorbent sponge that keeps soaking up more water.  We got to make sure the water he is soaking up is clean because we have to remember  “he’s in the room soaking everything in”. 


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