Don’t Ask. Don’t Get!

Bam Bam is a year old now and do you know what that means?  WEANING!  Yes, weaning off mama’s breast, tit, jugs, well you get the picture.  I really don’t see a problem with Bam Bam getting off the tit because Bam Bam is an eater.  I mean, anything you put in front of his face, that is edible or sometimes unedible, he will eat.

Bam Bam Eatting
When I weaned The Don, he was about sixteen months on Election Day.  Yes, I remembered the exact day The Don weaned.  I couldn’t wait either because The Don at the time seemed like he needed the breast for everything.  I was told by my lactation consultant to distract The Don when he wanted to nurse like give him some water, or snacks, or a toys to distracted his urge to nurse.  I had to be careful where I sit or stand because depending on where I was signify The Don it was time to nurse.  On that election day The Don didn’t ask to nurse at all and now I felt empowered that I could tell him no if he wanted to nurse.  It was hard to let go on my part and I could of stop him sooner but I didn’t want it to be dramatic for me.  You thought I was going to say dramatic for The Don right? HAHAHA! Yeah, I was the baby in this story.

Bam Bam on the other hand doesn’t seem phased at all because like I said previously, he’s an eater.  Even when I’m becoming engorged, Bam Bam isn’t interested unless he’s trying to force out a poop.  If he pooped already, he doesn’t need my milk to push it out.  Gross I know but it’s true.  My policy from now until he is fully weaned is if Bam Bam doesn’t ask, Bam Bam doesn’t get any milk.  The way Bam Bam get down with food, he might be weaned off sooner than The Don was. 

In a sense that I’m going to miss nursing Bam Bam but I will be glad to get my breast back to myself again.  I remember telling the lactation consult at the time I needed advice on weaning The Don that I will miss the bond that we had when I nursed him.  Her response was, “You can have another one.”  Naw, that’s ok.  This time, think it will pass.


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