Hydro what now?

Bam Bam had his twelve month check up yesterday.  It started out as any ordinary check up visit; undress to diaper, measure head circumference, height, weight and temperature.  Then we went to the examination room to wait for the doctor.

About fifteen minutes later, the doctor came in to ask me questions about Bam Bam.  What’s he’s eating? Is he still drinking breast milk? When did he start walking? Is he saying any words?  After the questioning, the doctor conducted the physical examination.  Bam Bam’s eyes were perfect.  His ears were perfect. His heart rate was perfect. His legs joints were flexible and when pull out they were straight.  His teeth were coming in nicely and the signs of his first molars coming in showed that his teeth are coming in on schedule. 

Now, the doctor checked Bam Bam’s pulse near his groin area and they were fine.  Then the doctor checks his penis and felt his scrotum to make sure his testicle felt normal.  When the doctor felt the right scrotum, he said, “Hum, it feels like he has a hernia there.” 

“What! How could he get a hernia there?” 

“Or it could be a hydrocele.  I think it’s a hydrocele.  Let me shine a light through the scrotum to see if I can see through.” 

The way Bam Bam was angled, which is his scrotum facing the doctor, I couldn’t tell if the light went through or not.  I guess the doctor see the light go through Bam Bam scrotum and concluded it was a Hydrocele. 

“Is this condition common?”  I asked.

“It’s not uncommon.”  The doctor answered. 

 “How did he develop this hydrocele?”

The doctor proceeds to explain to me “There’s a chamber in each testicle that when the testicles get cold, such as after a bath, the testicles are able to pull itself towards the groin.  In this case the chamber is particle open and fluid can get filled in chamber causing a hydrocele.”

“What should I do?”

“We’ll just watch it.  It should go away on its own.  If it get’s bigger, if he starts to walk funny, or if he’s in pain from it, he will need to get the hydrocele surgically removed.”

“Should I feel for it to make sure that it didn’t get any bigger?”

“No, it should go away on its own.”

Anything with surgery, especially for someone as little as Bam Bam is a scary thing for me to think about.  I did notice during diaper changes that Bam Bam’s testicles looked bigger but since he was born, he always had big testicles so I didn’t think anything of it.  Now, I’m more mindful of his right testicle to make sure it’s doesn’t look bigger.  I carefully look at his right testicle and when Bam Bam briefly pulls his testicles into his body, I can see a little nod that could be the hydrocele.

I have to admit, I’m learning more about how the penis and testicles work by having boys than I had from text books or my husband.  From the looks of the penis, it seems like a very simple organ that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  However, after learning about Bam Bam having a hydrocele, the penis is more complicated than I expected. Bam Bam doesn’t seem bothered by it and hopefully, it will never bother him.  I’m praying that it will go away on it’s own.  


I have to wait it out for three months because that’s when Bam Bam’s next check up will be or if I see any signs of distress before I know if it went away on it’s own or if Bam Bam may need the hydrocele surgically removed. 


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