Pass me the cold bug

Well it finally happen. Bam Bam (formerly known as Bambino) caught the cold bug.  I was hoping that he wouldn’t catch it before he turned one but last Wednesday when the boys and I was at the park, I saw the inevitable sign of a cold.  That sign was the watery snot running down his tiny nose.  Bam Bam made it through the coldness of last winter without a sniffle, runny nose or a cough.  The Don caught his first cold when he was six months old.  I am impressed that Bam Bam didn’t get a cold until last week.  I thought he would make it before his birthday but I’m impressed never the less. 

What I imagine a cold bug would look like

The thing about the cold bug is that it spread fast, I mean really fast. I put the boys in the car and heading towards the driver seat. As I looked back into the back seat, I saw Bam Bam dropped his Sippy cup.  Guess who pick it up and put it in his mouth?  The Don did.  I seen in slow motion the cold bug germs on Bam Bam Sippy cup touched The Don lips and as The Don drank from the cup, a swarm of cold germs swam down his throat and into his body. Yes, I have a vivid imagination. Now, I always told The Don not to put things in his mouth because he would get the “cold bug” but I guess I didn’t tell him not to drink from someone else’s cup as well. Lesson learned for the both of us. 

A couple of days later, I’m trying to get Bam Bam comfortable, giving him Tylenol, orange juice, and draining his nose with the bulb syringe to help unclog his nose when I heard a sniffling, snotty nose The Don coming towards me.  “You got the cold bug too?”  I said to him.  I don’t know why I’m surprised because I literally imagine the cold bug going down his throat. The Don’s nose was really stuffy so I had to put Vick’s vapor rub on him a couple of nights and he was good to go.  The Don never seems to have a cold for long. So, I’m taking care of two kids, thank goodness they weren’t really sick just uncomfortable, when I felt an irritation in my throat and in the back of my nose.  So guess who has the cold bug now.  Take a guess.  Me!  Of course it’s me. Damn kids gave me their cold!

While my children are getting over the cold bug, the cold bug bit me.  I’m can’t afford to get sick so I’m drowning myself with some green tea…a lot of green tea and hopefully I’ll get over the sick bug quickly.  I’m sneezing right now as I typed this. As the saying is that with kids, the cold bug will come quickly in the house and everyone will catch it.  Sometimes it may circle back around again.  With the kids putting things in their mouths and sharing each other’s cups because they don’t know any better, they will catch the cold bug a lot and probably so would I. I’m keeping the orange juice on stand by and the vapor rub ready because Mama is going to stomp the cold bug to smithereens. We may get rid of this cold bug for now, but they always come back. Damn you cold bug!  Do me a favor and pass us by next time…wait was that a sneeze from The Don?  Wait, did he sneeze in my food?  Great!  It has only begun.


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