Happy 1st Birthday Bambino!

Today is Bambino’s first birthday!  I am so excited to celebrate the day that I gave birth to him. I swear it felt like I just had him yesterday.  I’m always very excited for both of my son’s birthday’s, it’s feels like a holiday. 

My little serious guy had a rough start.  He had cradle cap, eczema, and acid reflux.  He was uncomfortable for the first three to four months of his life until his cradle cap vanished,  acid reflux gone and his eczema would come and go but it’s manageable. Bambino was a noisy sleeper who at the time, would wake up every two to three hour.  A sudden movement of his arm would startle him awake.  I though he would never sleep through the night.  He eventually did around the eighth month mark.

Bambino was a stubborn baby too.  He refused, I mean refused to roll over until he was about seven months, hated tummy time, and just as about as grumpy as they come.  However, something happen in his eighth month of life.  He started crawling, then he started cruising, then standing, and finally at eleven months, Bambino started walking.  Seems like since he’s been on the move, he started smiling more and even becoming more silly as the days go on.  Did I mention that he has the most intense eyes you’ve ever seen? Very hypnotic I tell you.  Make you fall in love him.  I tell you the girlies are going to have to watch out for him.  Bambino will put a spell on them.  He’s just an amazing little human being.

So, Happy Birthday Bambino! Mommy, Daddy, and The Don loves you very much. Since he’s not a baby anymore, I might have to change his alias to Bam Bam.  I kind of like that.  Now the fun starts.  Let’s see what the adventures of Bam Bam holds as he enters toddlerhood.  This should be interesting.


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