Kix and Giggles Indoor play review

Last Sunday, I had the task of coming up with a family event that the kids can both enjoy.  I hate this task because it require me to do some quick thinking on my feet.  I’m the type of person who have to research for a place for the kids and check out the reviews, and directions to see if I want to try a new place. The place would have to accommodated a budding toddler and an rambunctious three years old at the same time that is indoors.  Usually a place like that in the area that I live in is hard to find.  If I found one, it’s usually in the burbs somewhere and the pricing is a little steep. I have to research a place over and over until I feel comfortable going; yeah I’m weird like that.  Not spontaneous at all.

I started looking online for a place that had something with a lot of jumping, climbing, for The Don and also something for Bambino where he can play and not get bored with.  I found a couple of places but about thirty minutes away.  One of the places was very interesting and it seem like they had all the requirements that I was looking for in a play place for the kids.  It’s call Kix and Giggles, located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.  This place reminded me of The Little Tree House in Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia and The Don loved that place so I told my husband we should give it a try. So I got the kids ready to go and off we went.

When we arrived at Kix and Giggles, I thought the place was a little bigger.  Maybe because I imagine it to be that way; sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.  Anyway, this place was really cool.  The first thing I noticed that they had tables and booths so the parents can sit and watch their children play.  It also had moving cars machines so kids can pretend to drive, nice push toys and sit toys that are very clean, a rock climbing space if kids want to climb, a corner section where small babies and toddlers can play that is filled with musical toys, cars, and stuffed animals, and the grand finale, a big jungle jump with tube slides that is like a obstacle course like Double Dare.  If you know the game show ‘Double Dare’, that was an awesome show and I dated myself when I mention it.  My husband and I went into the Jungle Jim and to me it was exciting and scary at the same time.  I was thinking to myself, “How in the hell am I going to get out of here.”

The family had a great time at Kix and Giggles.  The only bad thing about this place is that it’s only open on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Even my husband, who is Mr. Particular, had funny there.  So if I was to rate Kix and Giggles, I would give it five stars. The Don made a girlfriend and Bambino had fun pushing the toys around at full speed and I had a great time talking to a fellow mom while the boys played.  This was a great Sunday, thank you Kix and Giggles.

Disclaimer:  This is my independent review of Kix and Giggles.  I had not been hired by the company to give a review on them.  I happened to joy the place and felt to share my experience.  And now you can continue with you regularly scheduled program.    


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