I Really Enjoy My Kids Today

I know what you’re thinking.  Shouldn’t you enjoy your kid’s everyday?  Yes, I should and no I do not.  As hard as it for me to say it and for you to hear it, I do not enjoy my kid’s everyday.  With The Don talking back and giving attitude and Bambino screaming and crying because he doesn’t want to take his naps and starting his little temper tantrums of his own, you couldn’t blame me for not enjoying my kid’s everyday.  Man, I tell you, they can be very exhausting.  However, today I really enjoyed my kids.

We went to the Allen Lane Park.  It was a very nice day, a little winding but unusually warm.  The Don was being a great big brother by pushing Bambino in the umbrella stroller.  The boys slide down slides and Bambino is getting good at walking on grass.  Bambino was trying to climb the stairs just like his big brother The Don.  The Don was helping Bambino, giving him directions on how to climb the slope that looked like a rock climbing scheme. I’m loving the sibling comradery  It was also good that I didn’t have to keep an eye on The Don too much and he go and play on the bigger slides while I’m tending to Bambino. I can trust The Don a little more as far as staying where I can see him. This is the moment that I was waiting for.  I wanted to be one of those parents that can look from a distance or sit on the bench while my child can play without me hovering over them. 

I look at my boys and I see how they are growing; maturing in a kid sort of way if you know what I mean.  The Don can handle himself at the park and trying something new by tackling the monkey bars as best as he could. Bambino is trying to handle himself although he would try to deny my help by pushing my hand away, is seeing his independence more clearly because he can do more. So yes, I enjoyed my kids today.  I’m enjoying their growth as little people and for this one day, I’m appreciating who they really are…fun kids


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