My Little Helper

The Don has been my little helper lately.  The Don wants to do this and wants to do that that I look at him sometimes and ask myself, “Who are you?” 

The Don is entering the independent/I know what I’m doing phase of his development and I kind of like it.  However, certain things that he’s trying to do, he doesn’t know what he is doing and although for him to want to help out is a welcome change of events, the boy still needs guidance for in which he will refuse my help.

For example, when I’m pushing Bambino in the stroller, The Don will tell me, “Let go! Let go,” telling me to let go of the stroller.  The thing is that he doesn’t know how to turn the stroller well and crossing the street while pushing the stroller is a distraction I can’t afford.  Sorry son, I’m not trying to die today because you want to be “Mr. Independent.”  So I do compromise in letting him push the stroller but will jump in while crossing the street or if he’s veering off to the street.  The Don seems happy with this situation.  I was very impressed that he steadied the stroller very well and had the upper body strength to push the stroller for forty five minutes. 

The Don pushing stroller

 Also, The Don wants to push the shopping cart every time we go to Target too and would push my hand away if I even think of pushing the cart myself.  Oh, he would get upset if you try to help him, although his eyes are a little below the handle of the cart he is pushing but if he’s happy and keeps him from running around the store so be it.  I still guide him if he needs but I don’t let him see me.  He gives me that “I know you’re not pushing the cart for me are you mommy?”  I tell him, “I’m not pushing the cart see”, as I quickly move my hands away from the front side of the cart.

The Don pushing shopping cart


The Don also wants to help me cook.  What!  Yes, The Don wants to help me cook. I let him help with the clean up like if I need to put something in the trash or a box in the recycling bin, I’ll have him to that for me.  I’m slowly letting him help me put things in the pots or pan to cook.  Mostly, I have him stir something where he doesn’t have the risk of getting burnt.  The Don seems happy with that arrangement for now.

The Don Cooking

In Essence, I’m very proud that The Don wants to learn more and to do things for himself.  Sometimes I have to realize that he can do certain things and to allow him to learn so he can grow.  Although I get nervous when he does something new, I have to realize that over time, The Don will master that skill and everything will be alright.  I don’t want to hinder his independence, but if I know when he’s pushing the cart, stroller, or cooking and he doing something that will endanger himself or others, I will step in to guide him even if he think he knows it all.  So far, he is turning out to be a very good kid.  I love him to pieces.


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