Bambino’s Walking!

I knew this day would come.  Well, I hope it was coming sooner or later.  Bambino is walking!  Bambino took his tentative steps a couple of weeks before he turned eleven months and slowly but surely, Bambino started to balance himself and walked.  With the help or should I say, pushiness of my husband; having Bambino steady himself and walk every change he got in succession, Bambino doesn’t seem like he’s been walking for only four days.

I guess it was my fault that my husband kind of pushed Bambino to walk like he did.  I told my husband that I wanted to see Bambino walk before I returned to work.  My husband had Bambino walking towards me from short distance, then from longer, and then from the middle of the hallway, and then, down the hallway.  My husband was a maniac!  Bambino didn’t seem to mind and I knew that he was ready.  How did I know you ask?  Last Monday, Bambino was in his room and all of a sudden, he pushed himself up from a crawling position, stood on his feet and balanced himself without holding on to anything.  I knew that he was ready. 

With all the nap regression (he still does it) it was worth it to see my little Bambino walking.  It’s funny with all the milestones that I want to see in my children, walking is the number one milestone that make me so proud.  It’s the sign of independence that is exciting but a little frightening as well.  Congratulation Bambino, now the fun begins for the both of us.

Bambino Walking; Co-staring The Don


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