Tough Finding a Job

When my husband and I decided that I would be a stay at home mother, I realize that I was giving up my job and the money that I could be bringing in to the family.  I also realized that the longer that I stayed out of work, the less marketable I would become.  The plan was when The Don turned a year that I would get a job and go back to work.  I submitted resumes here and there and although I got a few calls back and interviews, it didn’t seem like my confidence was there at the interview to show them that I could do the job.  Maybe because at the time it was a year and a few months since I worked.  Then I got pregnant with Bambino and after another year and a half, I started my job search again.

Let’s get a little background of my work experience.  I was an Accounting Manager for Radisson Plaza Warwick, which is now, Radisson Plaza Blu.  You may think that being an accountant, it’s easy to get an accounting job; it’s debits and credits right? Yes and No.  Accounting is more that debit and credits.  Unless I have a master degree in accounting or a CPA, the title of Accounting Manager is a little misleading.  I have the abilities of a Staff Accountant but when someone looks at my resume and see Accounting Manager, there looking for someone who knows budgeting, cash flows, schedules etc. I haven’t dealt with that but I can learn it and that’s not what employers what to hear.  You have to know it.

After three years of being out, I’ve been lucky to have interviews but the question remains in the employers mind:  Can she do the job?  I would say yes but if I need help would you help me?  There answer is usually “Yes, but we expect the person we hire to have the answers.”  I respect there position because they don’t feel that they have to help me because I suppose to get paid to help them.  At this rate, unless I find someone who is willing to give me a chance, then it would be a while until I get a job.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ll get one; when is the other question and who will get me a chance.

If I knew when we decide for me to say home with the children that I would be rough getting a job, I would have done something in my field at least once a month to keep my skills fresh in my memory.  I will say to the mother would decide to stay home, please do something in your field even if it’s volunteer work so you can be marketable if or when you decide to go back to work.  I realize that although employers see that it’s honorable to stay home with the kids, however, it’s not acceptable to let your skills set go because you’re raising a family. So whatever field you’re in or considering, keep up you skills to be marketable for employment.  The employer will think that it’s great that you stayed home with your children but they’re there to conduct business.  Although it’s honorable to stay at home and heart warming, employers will smile at you, thank you for your time, and put your resume on file for six months. 

It’s so frustrating to explain to employers that I chose to raise a family, expecting them to see it as honorable and yet hoping they see that I did a good thing for my families grow instead of seeing that I put my career on hold.    If employers can’t respect my decision to stay at home, they weren’t the right company to work for anyway.  I know I will get a job somewhere.  It will take some time.


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