Rocky Bit The Don and Now I Have to Say Goodbye

I brought Rocky home from the SCPA in 2007 because my ex at the time wanted a dog.  I already had a dog name Missy and so it would be nice if she had a friend to play with as well.  Although Rocky was suppose to be my ex’s dog, I was the one taking care of him and training him.  I fell in love with Rocky.  Rocky would cuddle with you on the couch and was always ready to play.  After my ex left, so he left Rocky too.  I didn’t care; I was the one taking care of him. 



Rocky and Hubby four years ago

Rocky was very playful but he was also very protective and very aggressive around other dogs and small children.  This frightens me a little.  For no reason to my knowledge he would see other dog clearly across the street and would bark at the dog aggressively.  Even if small children walked by him, he would bark and try to get at them.  Other than those two concerns, Rocky is a very good dog.  He even saved my life once. Although Rocky calm down and not try to attack small children, maybe because we have two small children at home, he would still bark at other dogs.  Before my husband and I had children, this was a fear of mine that Rocky would hurt one of our children because he is so aggressive.  That fear became a reality last Thursday.

My mother in law was watching the kids while I went on a job interview. When I came home, I notice there was marks on The Don’s forehead that look like scratches.  I didn’t think anything of it until my mother in law told me that Rocky bit him.  My mother in law left The Don and Rocky in the kitchen while she went upstairs to tend to Bambino.  She heard a growl and then The Don screaming and crying like crazy.  When she went downstairs, The Don’s face was covered with blood.  My mother in law thinks that when she told The Don to put his food in the trash either The Don dropped the food on the floor, Rocky got to it and The Don was trying to take it away from him. The other scenario is The Don dropped the food, Rocky got to it, and The Don’s face was near Rocky’s to watch him eat. Either these scenarios would cause Rocky to bite The Don.

There’s a reason that we don’t leave The Don and Rocky by themselves because of shit like this that could happen.  My mother in law was so concerned about Rocky being lonely and not part of the family, that she was careless to leave them alone.  There’s a reason that Rocky is not around The Don because The Don could hurt him as well by pulling his tail, or ears, or try to put his finger up Rocky’s nose, or hugging him too hard around the neck.  We told her about why he’s not around the family a lot because of his aggressiveness. Also, the fact that my mother in law isn’t stern with Rocky doesn’t help the situation of controlling Rocky’s behavior; she enables it. 

Looking at my son’s bit up, swollen face, it was a good thing that Rocky didn’t bite The Don’s eye and blinded him.  This was a wake up call to me.  I had this gut feeling that this may happen to one of the kids and although Rocky may not have meant to hurt him, I can’t be sure that it wasn’t intentional.  So it breaks my heart that I have to find Rocky another home.  I can’t risk the next time The Don does something to the dog and Rocky bites him even harder because he got away with biting him and he wasn’t reprimanded when my mother in law was in charge.  It’s not fair to Rocky to be isolated from everyone because of what he did.  Honestly, ever since The Don was born, Rocky was isolated and became more isolated when Bambino was born.  I just couldn’t trust Rocky not to hurt them. 

It may seem cruel to all the dog lovers out there to get rid of their dog if they hurt the kids but I choose the safety of my children over my dog.  I don’t want to risk being wrong and next time this could happen again.  It’s a matter of The Don sneaking over to Rocky while I’m in the bathroom and then WHAM, Rocky bites The Don.  I’m making sure that Rocky gets a good home. I’ve enlisted the help of Pet Pro Services that specialize in rehoming animals so Rocky can get a good home and hopefully, he can get the attention and love that he needs because I can’t provide that to him right now. 

I will miss Rocky very much but I can’t trust him around my children.  The safety of my children comes first; it will always come first no matter how much I love Rocky. I will do my duty to make sure that the next owner will treat Rocky good and hopefully train him so he can work out his aggression issues.  I want what’s safest and best solution for both The Don and Rocky.  I hope Rocky can forgive me.


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