Are You The Nanny?

Hey you!  Yeah you!  I see you staring at me as I entered the bank, or the library, or the local store.  I noticed that you weren’t  just staring at me, but my little entourage as well.  You may notice the two children I have with me; how beautiful they are but the observation doesn’t stop there.  You noticed that one of  the children is little more fair skinned and rosy cheek than the other; almost very close to Caucasian but you’re not quite sure.  You look at me and the children with a smile, trying to be polite or you would just compliment on how beautiful or cute the ‘fair skinned’ child is and would ask me, “Is that your baby?” 

Bambino (my youngest son)

I get asked this question a lot, mostly from African Americans.  I know other races think this too but would politely smile at me trying not to be rude and ask that question. I know what it looks like to you.  It’s looks like the brown skinned child is mine and the fair skinned child I must be the nanny to. I can see your point of view.  Usually African American women take on the nanny role to Caucasian children.  I can see that would be your first guess, ‘She must be the nanny’.  My strong African features, kinky hair, plus the darkness of my skin may make you think it’s impossible that this fair skinned baby could be mine. Sorry to rock your world but this fair skin baby is mine.

My Interracial family

I am married to an Caucasian man.  I am of African decent.  We created two beautiful sons; my oldest one is brown skinned, my youngest one is fair skinned. It’s possible that one of our children would look more Caucasian and one looks more African from our union. I know it’s not obvious to you, but my fair skinned child looks more like me; although your immediately response would be that my brown skinned son looks more like me without seeing what my husband looks like.  I guess because my oldest is brown skinned that he automatically looks like me.  I beg to differ.  If you look close enough, if you stop looking at my youngest skin color, you can tell he looks more like me.  You can see him in me if you didn’t look at our skin color. But, you’re entitled to your opinion.

I do appreciate that you were considerate enough to ask,  “Is that your baby”  instead of “Are you the nanny?” I would be insulted if you asked the latter. I understand the surprise and uncomfortable vibe that I felt from you because I answered yes; it’s unusual for you to see. I understand that being in an interracially marriage and birthing interracial children is a little taboo for you; but it does happen.  So let say what’s was really on your mind when you see me with my fair skinned son; ‘Are you the nanny?’

‘No.  He is my baby. What makes you think I’m the nanny?”

My sons and I



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