The Silly Side of Bambino

Bambino so far is turning into a very interesting human being.  Bambino in the beginning comes of mysterious, weary, and of extreme concern.  Sometimes he would make my mother in law nervous because he has a look of concern.  His looks would pierce through your soul where you think your secrets are laid buried deep and without looking very hard, he’ll know that you have secrets.  Scary isn’t it?  Besides the piercing in your soul look, people always compliment me on how beautiful he is.

Serious side of Bambino

 A few days ago, I notice a side of Bambino that I seen peaking through but seem a little hesitate to come forth.  Bambino has a silly side. With The Don, we knew he was the silly one because at 4 months when he would coo, it sounded like he was telling a joke because he would laugh right after how ever long he was in coo sentence.  With Bambino however, the joke or whatever you trying to do to make him laugh has to be good, I mean damn good in order for him to even chuckle at your antics.  If you were a comedian, you won’t want to perform in front of him unless you had talent or you’ll hear crickets. On this particular day, Bambino was the playful, silly guy.  I was actually shocked, surprised and maybe a little baffled to see this usually intense guy all of a sudden, being playful and making me laugh.  I’ve video taped it.  I watched it over and over wondering, ‘Where did this Bambino come from?’ 



This is the thing that I love about Bambino.  He has a mysterious side and a funny side.  It’s like he keeps people guessing but surprise them with ‘Hey I can be cool too’ type of guyBambino keeps people guessing and I’m sure Bambino will be surprising people in the years to come.  Well played, Bambino.  Well played!


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