The Chase Is On!

Boy I tell you that I’m getting in my exercise lately.  After my birthday wish of losing some weight so I can fit into my summer dresses next year is working out according to plan.  A little too well I might add.  Am I’m going on more walks lately?  Nope.  Am I working out ten times as harder than normal?  Nope.  Me losing the weight has nothing to do with any planned exercise regiment.  It has to do with me chasing The Don.

I have been chasing The Don around lately.  I’ve been chasing him out of the kitchen.  I’ve been chasing him into the TV room.  I’ve been chasing him away from taunting the dog. I’ve just been chasing The Don everywhere that I don’t want him touching or doing.  If I’m typing an article, The Don is purposely touching my keyboard after the umpteenth time of me telling him not to. I’m chasing him away into another room so I can work.  If I’m preparing a meal and The Don is touch the ingredients or driving his toy cars on the kitchen counter, I’m chasing him into the TV room so I can cook. 

A couple of nights ago, I was preparing Bambino’s bath when suddenly I heard The Don go into Bambino’s bedroom.  I knew what he wanted.  He wanted to play with Bambino’s walker so he can act like he was mowing the lawn.  I shouted, “You better not miss with the walker!  Leave it alone!” Mind you that this walker is noisy because of the turning rattling contraption at the bottom.  Imagine The Don speed racing it down the hallways at full speed going in and out of his room and then back out the hallway.  It’s very annoying and noisy. 

As I was getting ready to put Bambino in the bathtub, I heard the walker leaving Bambino’s room.  I heard The Don pushing it throw his room.  I thought to myself, “Oh, he thinks he’s slick don’t he?  He thinks because I’m in the bathroom with his brother that I don’t say or do anything.  I’ll show him.”  So I had Bambino naked in my arms, unlocked the bathroom door, and stormed out cutting the corner to The Don room.  The Don saw me and I said, “Didn’t I tell you not to take Bambino’s walker out of his room?”  I was pissed.  “Get in here and put the walker back!”  I chased The Don back into Bambino’s room to make sure that he put the stroller back.  The Don ran back into Bambino room lifting the stroller as he ran back into Bambino’s room. 

The Don is really giving me a workout; so much that I’m exhausted chasing him around for most of the day.  When I think about chasing The Don around, I chuckle to myself because it’s funny to picture myself chasing a three year old around the house.  On the bright side, I’m losing weight doing it.  Thank you my son…I guess.

My little trouble maker (The Don) and our dog Rocky


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