The Boobs are not working!

My secret weapon to put Bambino to sleep isn’t working!  I use to be able to put Bambino to sleep as soon as he finish nursing and he would be in a milk coma.  As soon as I whip out the nipple he would be asleep.  A little exaggeration I know but my boob would work that fast to put Bambino in la la land. 

However, for the past two months, the boobs aren’t working.  I would nurse Bambino, and nurse, and nurse and he would fuzz that my boobs aren’t putting him to sleep. “I don’t know what’s going on,” I would tell him.  I don’t know why my boobs, the only weapon that I have to put him to sleep is dead.  Bambino would slap my boob like he was trying to make the magical liquid gold come out and help him to sleep. 

I wonder if the consistency of the milk changing from a sleeping potion, to a keep me awake potion.  If the consistency changed, Bambino is not happy about it.  I’m not happy about it either because I have to find another way to put Bambino to sleep.  I tried to rock him to sleep in the rocking chair.  I tried swaying back and forth holding him close to my chest. The only thing that it does is make Bambino lay sideways to try to reach for the only thing that he knows would put him to sleep…my breast.  “It’s not working Bambino!”  I would tell him.  Bambino don’t believe me.    

My husband can sway Bambino side to side and in about a few minutes, Bambino is down for the count.  It doesn’t work with me because Bambino is use to my breast that no matter what I do, he wants the breast.  I would let Bambino get so tired and then try to nurse. After about forty five minutes of nursing and sore nipples, he finally falls asleep.

As of this moment, my husband puts Bambino to sleep at night and it’s a hit or miss with him putting him down for naps.  The power of the boobs are fading. I had superpowers of sleepiness and they are disappearing.  I am powerless to put Bambino to sleep without my boobs. Bye, bye boobs!  Oh, God help me!

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