Funky Laundry

Sometimes I can’t believe my nose.  Having boys, I realize that I would be dealing with funky laundry because well, they are boys.  I imagined that I wouldn’t have to deal with the stinky laundry until at least that they are in middle school.  Oh, how wrong I am.  Did you know that a three year old boys laundry stink?  For those who have boys are probably laughing in my face, well if you could laugh in my face.  But seriously, I didn’t realize The Don’s body could dispense such a funky smell. 

It was a couple of laundry cycles ago that I noticed the smell.  I thought that I was doing my husband laundry the way it smell and I don’t do his laundry.  My husband does his own.  That’s great I know but I might as well be doing his laundry the way The Don clothes was smelling.  It couldn’t be that smell come be coming from my sweet, sometimes destructive, three year old son. The shirts, pew!  The underwear.  Pew!  The socks! PEW WEE!

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As I put The Don’s clothes in the washer, I was ponding what it would be like if he was a teenager and if I continue to wash his clothes.  If his clothes smells like this now and he’s just running around, imagine if he played sports or not even that; he just being a teenage boy.  ‘Yuk!’  I thought to myself.  I don’t think I could bear the smell.  The Don enters the laundry room asking “Help up laundry in please?”  Ah Ha!  That’s right.  The Don can do his own laundry and I don’t have to worry about the smell. HA!HA!HA!. 

So I’m teaching The Don how to put the detergent in and sort his clothes; colors and whites.  The Don can’t reach the knobs until he’s a little tall but he’ll let how to set the cycle too.  By the time he becomes a teenager, I won’t have to worry about washing his funky laundry again.  Woo Hoo! Mama does it again with this brilliant idea. I amaze myself sometimes. 


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