The Copy Cat

The Don is an amazing big brother to Bambino.  I think I said this in previous post.  However, The Don is suppose to be the big brother right?  How come sometimes he acts like Bambino?  There are days that The Don would take charge and be the big brother e.g if Bambino cries, he look to see if he’s alright, when The Don tells him what to do and where to go or if Bambino is bored, The Don would be ‘Mr. Funny Guy’ and make Bambino laugh.  Then there are other times that he would act like Bambino.  Imitating Bambino so well that I sometimes think that I have two infants in the house instead of a preschooler and an infant.

The Don would imitate or mimic Bambino in his mannerism.  For example, Bambino started blowing raspberries.  The Don would imitate him.  This was cute for a moment until The Don started blowing raspberries without Bambino.  It started to become annoying.  So annoying to the point when I was quoting my own father and said to him, “You’re the oldest.  You know better.”  I would like to believe this statement is true, but does he really know better?  I wonder about that.  Another example would be when Bambino is using his walker and The Don would have his walker when he was Bambino’s age and The Don would follow Bambino in everything he does.  If Bambino falls, The Don falls.  If Bambino’s walker bumped the staircase, The Don’s walker would bump the staircase as well.  Bambino would pull himself on couches, tables, and chairs.  The Don would pull himself on couches, tables, and chairs. Bambino would play and shake the baby gate.  The Don would play and shake the baby gate. What’s makes The Don imitations so disturbing is that when Bambino finish nursing, The Don would try to come close to nurse as well.  That’s when I have to tell him, “Mama’s milk is for Bambino.  You had mama’s milk when you were his age and don’t need it.” It’s frustrating because if I tell Bambino not to for example, shake the gate, I’m telling The Don not to shake the gate and that’s when I go crazy. I swear some days, I have two infants.  I couldn’t imagine having twins…they would drive me insane.  I hope I didn’t jinx myself if I decided to have more children in the future tee hee.

Maybe The Don wants attention.  Maybe he’s in a imitation stage in his development. Maybe my expectations of The Don being a big brother who his little brother should be following him, not the other way around isn’t realistic at this moment in his development.  It probably takes time to get into the role of being the big brother and getting use to not being the baby anymore.  Maybe The Don enjoys playing on the level of his little brother and they are playing as brothers not big brother, little brother.  But in the end, The Don has to realize that he was taught not to do certain things and when Bambino does something and I may be a little more relax with him because Bambino doesn’t know it’s wrong until I correct him, doesn’t give The Don priviledge to do it as well. I have to make The Don understand that he’s the big brother and it’s good to be the big brother and not the baby so he should not act like a baby.  I haven’t figured that out yet.  How would you or did you handle your oldest regression to convert baby to the baby stage? 

The Don copying Bambino pushing

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