Quick, Grab the Cheerios!

Bambino is in his 10 month regression and it’s a good thing because the end result would be that he would be walking eventually.  However, the down side of this regression is that I have one cranky stank baby because he doesn’t want to nap or do want to nap.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.  Let me explain.  I can tell in his eyes that he wants to sleep, will even nurse to sleep but somehow, he will fight sleep.  Maybe it’s because he’s teething but the teething pain doesn’t disturb his nightly sleep so I’m not sure if he’s not napping because of teeth coming in.  Or he would sleep for about a half an hour and then he’s up again until the next nap or he would skip the next nap all together.  Now combine this sleep deprivation with excitement of what’s going on around him, Bambino is one cranky, over excitable baby.  So what does a mother do with an antsy, sleep deprived baby who wants to be on the move but can’t because I have to cook, or I’m playing with The Don or I just need a break?  Grabs the Cheerios!

Bambino eating Cheerios

That’s right; I calm the savage beast with Cheerios.  Not only does it keeps him busy and satisfying his motor skills but it also can cure hunger too, well if he’s hungry.  When I’m cooking dinner and Bambino’s in his high chair crying screaming because he wants to get down and crawl, grab the cheerios!  If I need to go to the bathroom and Bambino fuzz about being in his high chair or crib, grab the cheerios!  If we’re out for a walk and Bambino’s getting antsy and he doesn’t need to be changed or nursed, GRAB. THE. CHEERIOS!

Giving Bambino Cheerios keeps him busy enough so I can get a break or figure out what’s really wrong with him.  I started carrying cheerios everywhere I go now just in case the cranky stank baby makes his unwelcomed appearance.  Thank you Cheerios for getting rid of the cranky stank baby and giving this momma some peace…for a while.


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