Hooray! 10 Month Regression

 I know you’re probably looking at the title of this blog and wondering, “What is wrong with her?  Regressions aren’t good.  Whatever she’s on, I want some too.”  Well, maybe not the last sentence, but I’m not crazy; at least I don’t think I am.  I use to despise regressions because as soon as you started getting your routine down and the baby is sleeping at least two hour naps or sleeping through the night, then BAM, sleep regression. Well not any more, I welcome the sleep regressions, (ok not the four month one, or the eight month one) but this one, the ten month one, I welcome because to me it means only one thing; Bambino’s about to walk soon!

Yes everyone, this month’s regression where it could be any day or any month now Bambino will take his first steps.  Bambino started to regress on his nap time about a couple of weeks ago.  I was a little upset about this because I had his sleep schedule down; nap between nine and ten in the morning and another nap between three and four each for an hour or it could be down at eleven and back up between one and one thirty.  I prefer the latter.  But lately, he’s been napping for thirty to forty five minutes and then it’s a hit or miss if he naps again around three to four. It’s a guessing game to see if “Bambino will stay down for his nap today” show.   I guess if I was coming close to taking my first steps, I wouldn’t want to sleep either.  Also, in this regression, he’s starting to understand the language and putting sounds together by the tones of voices and yada, yada, yada, he’s about to walk.

Bambino has been cruising, crawling (not only on the floor but stairs at well), and he finally knows how to roll over.  He’s getting faster and faster everyday.  Sometimes Bambino would hold something in his hand and not realizing that he is standing on his own.  He even reaches for the keys in the doors (don’t know if that’s a good thing but we’ll say it’s a good thing that he can reach). I remember The Don doing the same things Bambino is doing.  A day before The Don turned eleven months, he stood on his own and a day later, he took his first steps.  I don’t know if it would be the same for Bambino, but it’s going to be interesting to find out.

I feel bad that my Bambino isn’t taking his naps and I hate that he’s cranking and fuzzy at the end of the day but fear not little buddy; it will all be worth it.  Instead of holding you in my arms and carrying you, you will be walking into my arms. I can’t wait until he takes his first steps.  I can’t wait.


                                                    Bambino 10 months old


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